Sunday, 1 March 2015

3 of my favourite Vloggers

Video blogging, or Vlogging has been on my "to-do" list for a while now. I have plenty of ideas for posts which would be great in video format, but in all honesty, I think for now I'll stick to blogging from behind my keyboard, and leave the Vlogging to the people who are doing it best already!

With that in mind, I thought I'd share three vloggers who I'm following at the moment.

Kaushal Beauty

First up is Kaushal, this lovely lady has near enough 500,000 subscribers to her channel and whilst her focus is beauty, she recently published a video showing off all the outfits she bought on a recent visit to India.

Subscribe to her channel here.

Tijan Serena

Tijan is half Indian and first came to my attention last year in the run up to her wedding. She has great style and whilst I'd say 95% of her posts are about western fashion, I was keen to see if she'd have any Indian influences in her wedding. She didn't disappoint, having a full on desi-style mehndi before her very English-country-style wedding.

A photo posted by Tijan Serena (@tijanserena) on

Her mehndi dress was from Sonas Couture and from the looks of it I'd guess her jewellery was from Kyles Collection. See more pics from her mehndi here: Tijan Serena Bridal Look #2 and subscribe to her channel here.

Here's the video from her main wedding event, which looked amazing!!

Faryal Makhdoom

The newest channel out of my 3 picks - Faryal Makhdoom, launched her Youtube channel at the end of January this year and thanks to her fan following (plus all her haters!) her videos are already racking up hundreds of thousands of views. Considering she's still quite new to Vlogging, I've noticed improvements in her videos from the first upload to the more recent ones - she seems to be taking feedback on board and giving her viewers what they're asking for.

I wouldn't exactly call myself a big fan of her, but I don't fit into the "hater" category either. I think she's an interesting character and I guess I'm subscribed more out of curiosity than anything else. So far the focus has been beauty, but I'm hoping we'll get a peek into the asian outfits in her wardrobe too, I'd love a closer look at the Tarun Tahiliani's lenghas she wore for her wedding and walima!

Here's a video of the "signature" beauty look:

Subscribe to Faryal's channel here.

These are my top 3, I'd love to know what other channels AFB readers subscribe to and why! Leave a comment below or tweet me your favourites @nazma_afb.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Featured Post - New online store

Online asian fashion stores are opening all the time, and whilst it's not very often that I make purchases for asian fashion online, I must admit I spend A LOT of time browsing a certain many of these sites for inspiration, the latest styles and a pricing comparison.

Last week, the team from the Birmingham-based store, got in touch to tell me about their offering. Here's a closer look at their online shop and my picks from the collections they stock.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sneak peek - houndstooth sari from Alankar Sarees

The newest item in my wardrobe was a bit of an impulse buy...I took a detour on my way home one day to have a browse in the asian clothes shops on Wilmslow Road in Manchester.

I was on the lookout for some floral print outfits (check out my blog post about floral print lenghas to see what I had in mind!) and the first shop I went into was Alankar Sarees.

After a little browse on my own and seeing lots of heavy/full outfits, I started talking to Poonam from the Alankar team, we've spoken a few times before at various events and she's a reader of Asian Fashion Blog, so she has a feel for the kinds of styles I like.

They didn't have any florals in, with it still technically being winter, but she showed me this sari instead...

This sari has so much appeal to me, first up is the houndstooth design (or dogtooth as it's also known), which is very on trend at the moment. Then we have the silver sequinned part of the border - I do lobe a bit of sparkle! Finally, the vibrant hot pink border, of which the blouse is the same colour.

I just had to have it, even though I'd only gone out to have a browse and wasn't planning to buy anything! I can't remember what the official price was, but I paid £125 and was very happy to take it at that price.

When I've had a chance to wear it, I'll definitely be posting photos, but for now I'm on the lookout for matching accessories and I saw this clutch bag in Kurt Geiger which might just be a match:

Any suggestions on other accessories and styling for this fab sari?

Monday, 9 February 2015

First Look at the 2015 Asiana Bridal Show London

The 2015 Asiana Bridal Show took place on Sunday 8th February, at a brand new venue - The Lancaster Hotel in London.

Now in it's 14th year, the showstopper of this event was the unveiling of the "£100,000 diamond-encrusted bridal lengha", designed by Sati Takhar.

I didn't attend this year, but have been following all the social media updates from the show. Whilst you're waiting for official photos and coverage of the show, here's a look at the day from Twitter and Instagram!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

My day at the Aashni & Co Bridal Show in London

Two weeks ago, I visited London for the day to attend Aashni & Co's Wedding Show at the Dorchester Hotel. The event promised collections and appearances from some of India's top designers including Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani and Manish Malhotra.

Read on to see what I thought of the show and how my day went!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Hair styling trends from PFW 7 London

Shama Akhtar, one of the hair stylists at PFW 7 (Pakistan Fashion Week in London), has been sharing her rundown of the three key hair styles showcased at the event.

Sleek hair look with a strong side parting and sculptured low bun. “A low side parting conveys strength.”.

Curls. "Nothing says red carpet chic like beautiful fully glossy, Hollywood curls"

Sleek centre parting with a knotted fluffy bun.

My favourite of the three looks was definitely the "hollywood curls" hairstyle, it just looked so glam and I think of the three looks, this is the one that would suit most people.

For anyone that's interested in working in either the styling or make-up at a show like this, here's what Shama shared about the experience:

Sofia Qayyum was the Official Hairstylist for the show with HairTeam, which consisted of 4 independent hairstylist who joined her for the show.

We were solely responsible for every model on the Catwalk looking the part, that's 20 models on the ramp, plus the show presenter, organisers and of course the SHOW STOPPER MODELS!

The hair concept was created by [head stylist for the show] Huma Tahir herself, and our job was to ensure it was executed on the catwalk. There was no training, no rehearsals - just straight in to doing model hair on day!

The atmosphere backstage was just buzzing, it was such an adrenaline rush to get the models ready against the clock, I managed to sneak out for a couple of minutes to see the girls on the stage and boy did they look amazing! That's the thing about Asian outfits, after the make up, the hair, the jewellery and the outfits the glam-o-meter is just through the roof!

As hectic as the backstage experience sounds, the hair styling team managed to get a photo with official photographer Shahid Malik
From left to right: Sandeep Singher, lead hairstylist Sofia Qayyum, Shama Akhtar, Inaaya Sonya Ali and Ilmaas M.

Which of the looks did you like best?

Event Produced by : Riwayat LTD
Choreography: Hajira Ahmad @ EBH
Photography: Shahid Malik
Head Stylist: Huma Tahir
Supported by
Make up: Saima Kiran and Team.
Hair: Sofia Qayyum and Team
Media Partners
TV: ARY Digital
Online: Desi Blitz

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Faika Karim Collection at PFW 7

Pakistan Fashion Week 7, or PFW7, took place at the Russell Hotel in London on the 10th and 11th January 2015. Photos from the show arrived in my inbox this week (a huge thanks to photographer Shahid Malik), and this collection by Faika Karim was one of the standouts for me!

If you read my last post, about crop tops and lenghas, you'll instantly see the appeal of this collection!