Thursday, 1 November 2007

Asian Bridal Magazines

I love a good magazine! I don't usually do weeklies though, and monthlies can become an expensive habit, so when those thick glossy quarterly mags come out, I'm powerless to resist. Sometimes though, these mags disappoint, so here's your guide to two of the latest asian bridal mags out right now.

AsianBride Issue 23
Front Cover 5/10: Pretty model, nice photography BUT that's a western-style wedding dress, yep, on the front cover of ASIAN Bride magazine. There's nothing wrong with that really, asian girls can wear western wedding dresses, but to be honest if I wanted to look at traditional western-style wedding dresses I would have bought a mainstream bridal mag!

Articles & Advice 4/10: Well, this is issue 23 of this magazine, but I feel that there's too many long boring articles and I'm sure I've read all this before!
There's the article on love marriage vs arranged...BORING! There's the few pages about relationships with your mother-in-law, that might be a bit more interesting, only I've not got round to reading it yet because it's probably going to be BORING! There's the article on open marriages, except that the writer hasn't actually spoken to anyone IN an open marriage, or maybe they have but it seems like it's just a bunch of quotes from people talking about something they don't really know about.
Aside from articles there's, "216 fantastic wedding songs" which started off quite good, it has a hindi songs section and an english songs section, but I scanned through the list and then I noticed that some of the songs are in the list TWICE. That really annoyed me!! It's a small thing I know, but don't go calling your article "216 songs" when really it's 200 with a few repeats in there.
Oh yeh and along with all of the above there's the usual "Q+A" articles with "expert advice" on topics such as "my fiance is having strippers at his stag do and I don't like it/I have a small budget/I want my fiance to cut his hair for the photos but he refuses/I'm based in x and my fiance is based in x - we can't decide where to have the wedding..."

Pictures & Ideas 8/10: Now if you're anything like me, this is what you buy this type of magazine for - inspiration! I'm happy to say that inside this mag there are lots of beautiful outfits, accessories, jewellery, table decorations, flowers, henna designs, wedding gifts and make-up looks. There's also a few pics from real-life weddings, I love these things, maybe it's a bit bitchy of me but if you're going to send your wedding pictures to a magazine, what do you expect! Plus, it makes a change from the airbrushed models you see everywhere else in the magazines!!

Asiana Wedding Issue 12 - click here to view the cover
Front Cover 10/10: Model looks fab, in a traditional outfit but she looks modern too...I think that's what I aspire to be, traditional with a modern twist!

Articles & Advice 7/10: It's page 68 before you actually get to any text! But when you do it's all in byte-size little chunks, making it much easier to read. You've got the profile of a make-up artist, real-life weddings, little bits on "planning", "giveaways" (hurray! stuff to win!) and even a celeb wedding thrown in there. There's a venue selector for different wedding sizes, not much use for people up north/outside London, like me, but I still found it interesting to read. Also there's a "bridal beauty countdown" and a what-type-of-bouquet-suits-your-body-shape - very shallow, but if you were a bride you know you'd read it!

Pictures & Ideas 9/10: Lovely outfits, mens and womens, acessories, jewellery, make-up, hairstyles, flowers, gifts, exotic honeymoon locations.

So which mag wins?? If you're only gonna buy one of these mags, my winner would be Asiana Wedding. Maybe it's cause it's a younger/newer magazine, but for some reason the pictures seem glossier to me, and the concepts and ideas presented seem more appealing.

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