Sunday, 25 November 2007

Asians with blonde hair

What do you think when you see an asian girl with blonde hair? Do you think it looks good, or does it look awful? I recently switched on Raj TV and caught an episode of the "shaadi show" (aka - people's home weddings videos aired in their entirity on tv) and practically EVERY girl in that asian family had bleached blonde hair or streaks! If just one girl had it, it might have looked ok, but it was the fact that practically the whole family had opted for this very obviously not natural colour.

Still thinking about it though?? Well, as someone who only recently got rid of her blonde streaks - here's some tips for you :)

1. Get a pro to do it for you
I mean a real pro, in a salon - not your mum's friend's daughter who's a trainee and who'll do it for free! There's no getting round this one really, I know it's expensive but turning dark hair to blonde isn't as easy as sticking on a bit of bleach. You wouldn't want your hair to turn orange now would you?!

2. Think about your roots
Does your hair grow really fast? Cause you know in a few weeks time your dark roots will start to show and that's your perfect blonde hair look ruined! Can you afford to go back every few weeks for a retouch??

3. Conditioning
Lightening your hair with bleach can make it a lot weaker and thinner (anyone who's ever bleached their facial hair might know this already!) so what was once your lustrious dark hair might start to feel straw-like and weak, especially if you tend to blow-dry and straighten it a lot. To make it feel fab again all you need is a good intense conditioner :)

4. Try streaks first if you're not sure
Having blonde streaks in your hair instead of all over can still make a big statement and look just as fab. Also, if your hair is layered, you can choose to have your streaks in the underneath layers of your hair, so that when your roots grow back, no-one will notice. This is the option I personally went for, and it worked a treat cause I could style my hair differently to emphasize the brown, or the blonde according to the occasion!

5. Extensions can look just as good
If you're just not happy to hit the bottle, why not try blonde extensions. They're a really good temporary way to try out the blonde look.

Those are my 6 tips, finally, here's two pics of famous asian girls with blonde hair, I think one looks fab, and the other looks rubbish...let's see if you can tell the difference :)


  1. i think it looks rubbish IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE,

  2. Am i being biased?
    cant help it, both my sistesr suited the blonde look in their own way - i saw the shaadi show too and those girls looked ROUGH!

  3. Yeah I think going completely blonde is just too wanna-be! One should have some originality! After all, fashion is a lot about personality - me thinks.
    I like streaks better and I did that once and had more ask-outs than ever! haha (those were the days! *sigh*)
    Anyway, thanks for the tips, naz! That was a VERY good post.

  4. i think all these models in this pics look trashy

  5. looks good if you style it properly, no roots showing, look after it, basically know what you doin etc, but those last 2 pics i don't know which is worst, the hair just doesn't look healthy, its like gingery mess. I saw this girl she had blonde streaks looked liked she had white hair not blonde.

  6. Give Asian girls the liberty to choose the hair color they want.
    I find Asian girl with blonde hair extremely attractive and hate this silly comments that it looks awfull and does not fit.

  7. I had blonde hair, it looked good coz it suited my skin tone + eye colour. So yeah just coz u see a couple of 'trashy' asains with blonde hair doesn't mean they all do :-)


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