Friday, 30 November 2007

How to choose a make-up artist

So you might have seen my previous post about the benefits of doing your own bridal/make-up, but I know a lot of people would still go down the route of getting one for their big day, myself included!
So here's some tips on how to pick a make-up artist and avoid disaster!

1. Find make-up artists
Use bridal magazines, forums, online searches, and ask your friends about any make-up artists and beauticians in your local area. Start by looking for people in your local area first because you won't have to pay their travel costs, or have the worry of your make-up artist being delayed due to transport.

2. Research
Do your homework on your the make-up artists you've chosen, but beware: don't believe everything you read online, especially in forums. Think about it, it takes 5 minutes to sign up to a forum such as the Asiana Forums and post a comment about how amazing someone is, any make-up artist could get their friends or family to post amazing reviews of their work in order to drum up some business. I'm not saying everyone on forums is a liar, but take everything you read with a pinch of salt.
Also, try not to be taken in by some glamourous amazing photos of models in the make-up artist's portfolio, chances are those photos have been airbrushed, and they're models - it's their JOB to look beautiful! Instead, look at real brides to get an idea of the make-up artist's work.

3. The trial
I'd definitely advise trying out your make-up artist before you book them for your wedding...however, instead of booking yourself in for a bridal make-up trial, I'd suggest booking yourself in for "party make-up" so that you can get a feel for the make-up artist and see how professional they are, without being given the bridal-package-hard-sell. If you're happy with your look and how well you were treated then you'll be much happier to go ahead and book. I'd advise booking your party make-up on a day when you are actually going to a party, so you can test the wear-ability of the make-up and people's reactions...and also so that it's not a total waste of money!
The thing about bridal trials is that you can't wear the make-up for the rest of the day to try it out in different lights and see how it feels after a few hours (well, unless you want to go about your day with full bridal make-up on!)

4. Making decisions
Once you've decided on who you want to book, do some more research about what you want, and the type of look you're going for. Don't be totally clueless! Do you want to look natural? Do you want to look glam? Do you want to look like an old-style bollywood icon? Do you want to emphasize your lips more? Do you want to focus on your eyes?
It all has to start with an idea, and then you can work with your make-up artist to decide what will suit you best.

5. Don't be afraid to say you're not happy
Finally, on the big day if you're not happy with something, don't stay quiet and just let it be. This is your wedding day! You want to feel amazing, and if there's something about your look that's bugging you, no matter how small it is, ask if it can be changed. After all, that's what your paying your make-up artist for.

These tips were based on my own experience with make-up artists, but for more information, there's a fab article from the June 07 issue of the American based Nirali Magazine, which you can check out by clicking here.

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