Thursday, 1 November 2007

It all starts here...

Welcome to Asian Fashion Blog!
This is where it all starts, I created this blog because I'm a big fan of fashion blogs and gossip blogs.
Sure, there are loads out there, so why go and make another one? Well, cause this one is going to focus on asian fashions. I'm talking shop reviews, latest trends, celebs getting it right, celebs getting it wrong, and anything else I happen to come across.
I'm not a fashion expert, but I've got a good eye for detail and lots of opinions! You could call me more of a fashion look out for my future posts and feel free to leave comments and share your opinions!


  1. This looks great, naz! and it's a great idea! I'll add this one to my blogroll too :) Mention it on the sometimes sobia forum too.. I'm sure thr girls would love to know about it!

  2. thanks marigold :) you have the honour of being the first ever person to comment on here!

  3. oh wow!! do i get a prize? haha


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