Friday, 9 November 2007

let's talk bridal outfits! (part two)

Part two of our search for asian bridal outfits online, takes us back to 2005 yet again!

RCKC - with a store in London and one in India, RCKC have been established for nearly 100 years.
The Good Stuff: I really like the site design, there are good clear photos of the outfits, from full-on bridalwear to party clothes, and there's a decent range of menswear too. Also, the pictures don't take ages to load up....BUT:
The Bad Stuff: this site hasn't had any new outfits added since 2005!! So even if you find you're dream dress, the chances of ordering it 2 years later are slim. This site is more of an advert for the actual shop, but having never visited the store itself, I can't comment on whether this nice website goes with a nice shop!

Here's one of my favourites from the site:


  1. Nice Site. Very Informative

  2. i like the fashion sections in pinkvilla better..

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