Sunday, 11 November 2007

Make-up Winter Treats

Whether you celebrate christmas or not, you have to give it to the lovely retailers that come up with such amazing winter treats! Suddenly everything comes gift wrapped, or in special packaging, and I'm such a sucker for fabulous packaging!

Here's what I've got my eye on at the moment:

This lovely lip compact comes courtesy of M.A.C. It's available in two colours, and at £19 I think it's quite a bargain! I might just have to pay a little visit to the M.A.C counter in Selfridges on my lunch break tomorrow and see which colour palette suits me best!

Up next we have this little treat:

You're thinking what's that? A necklace by Dior, oh but it's so much more...

SHOCK! HORROR! It's a lip gloss too! Dior have put some fab ads out there for the DiorLight product, and if that's Dior lipgloss in there it's bound to be lush, but to be honest would you wear that round your neck? and then have to pay £54 for the pleasure??! You could buy the M.A.C compact in both colours for that price, AND still have some money leftover for treats of the chocolate variety :)

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