Sunday, 16 December 2007

Asiana Magazine Winter 2007

It's always exciting to see the latest cover of Asiana Magazine, splashed across the Asiana website, but getting my hands on an actual copy is a different story altogether!!
No local newsagents near me stock it, so I usually pick up my copy after work, and then have to lug it around with me on my journey home.

Well, I've put an end to all of that, and taken the plunge - I've got myself a subscription!
I shopped around a bit on the net, the official Asiana Magazine online shop is currently charging £9.50 for a single issue, which is almost double the price of buying it from a shop. They also do subscriptions, 4 issues for £18, that's £4.50 per issue - which is what I usually pay buying each issue separately.

Look out for my review of the latest Asiana Mag, as soon as my copy arrives in the post!!!

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