Saturday, 15 December 2007

Shop Review - Anand Fashions

Located on Wilmslow Road, in Manchester, Anand Fashions looks like most of the other asian clothes shops on this street: you walk in there to be greeted with what looks like a jumble sale! Rails and rails of clothes tightly packed, there's hardly enough space to walk, and the search for an outfit seems almost impossible...

However, if you can manage to get through the the tight little walkways in between the clothes, and make it to the staircase in the corner, then you're in luck!

Downstairs is a nice spacious little area full of menswear, and upstairs is a big open area with some lovely ladies suits! They stock the same items as the website instore, and have a few extra items too.

I ended up buying this outfit for £70:

In my opinion, the prices are really reasonable, I didn't check out their bridal outfits whilst I was in there, but from looking at the website - you can get a bridal outfit for just £142! (see for yourself!)

Chances are, I wouldn't buy my wedding outfit from there, but if you're a bride on a budget, or need a party outfit at short notice, I'd definitely pay this shop a visit.

Here are some other outfits which I rather like from their site:


  1. hi i am a big fan of anand fashions mainly because of the affordable prices and there stock is always up to date and affordable the staff are always friendly and willing to help if needed without being pushy but i love the ownere she such a lovely lady always greets customers with a smile a smile

  2. Went today! WOnderful experience. Good bargain on bangles!!!!!!!


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