Sunday, 2 December 2007

Viya Magazine

Viya Magazine is the baby of the asian bridal mags in the uk, with the latest issue being only the 4th. Its headline is "the asian style bible for brides", does it fulfil that statement? Here's my review!

Front Cover 5/10
That's a very pretty picture, but it doesn't automatically make me think "bride" or even "wedding". Aside from the bouquet the model is holding, this could be a photo for any type of asian fashion magazine.

Articles/Advice 6/10
I've noticed a big focus on beauty within this magazine, there are more ads for make-up artists than any other bridal or wedding magazine I've ever seen, and in terms of articles, there's a 4-page spread on the make-up artist Joshiv, tips from Safina@ Beaute Academy and Neelam of Neelam Beauty. However despite all this, there's still no way you'd be able to re-create any of these beauty looks yourself, cause they just don't tell you how!
The stand-out article for me was the, rather short, article on mixed marriages including a few tips to ensure all guests are happy. This is something which I don't recall seeing addressed in any other asian wedding mags, and quite frankly I think they should write about mixed weddings more!!
As with all wedding mags, there's the usual Q+A's, and real-life weddings - the ones featured in this latest issue are all from 2006 :( VERY out of date, I wanna know what people did in their weddings this summer, not over a year ago!!

Pictures and Ideas 7/10
This mag is just full of beautiful pictures and ideas, so I can't fault them on that, but some of the ideas are just a bit too contemporary. I know not everyone wants to be a traditional bride, but I don't think a lot of the ideas in here are practical, no matter how pretty they look in the pictures. Also, depsite having pages and pages of beauty shots, I don't think there is enough focus on hairstyles - take the bridal make-up portfolios for example, in all other magazines, they showcase hairstyling along with make-up, but this mag is all about faces. In a world where you're likely to have your hair and make-up done by the same artist, don't you think it's important to showcase hair-styling skills too??

I bought this magazine out of curiosity. The editor's note talked about Viya Magazine being "individual" and "inspirational", but in my opinion it's just the same as all the other asian mags, just it's packaged a bit differently! One thing that bothered me about this mag was that nearly ALL of the clothes featured in this mag were from London or in the south of England :( there wasn't even an international shopping section! It's almost arrogant of them to assume that all brides go to London for their wedding shopping...or maybe it's just that the magazine is so new and they haven't yet branched out to the boutiques and asian wedding stores in the rest of the country, and in the rest of the world!!
So I'd say this mag is worth a browse, but if you want the full package and you don't intend on buying everything from London, then there are much better bridal and weddings magazines out there!

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  2. I just wanted to let you know I've had to remove some comments from this post. I'm happy to hear your opinions on Viya Magazine, but I don't think personal comments on the people involved with and behind the magazine are relevant to Asian Fashion Blog.

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  11. So you have left the comments that highlight the good parts about Viya magazine but deleted any that expressed the negative aspects? So therefore this blog should have a message at the top saying 'dont tell the truth just express you love for the following things'.

    As I for one left a comment and it wasnt personal to anyone that worked at Viya, it wasnt rude, simply the truth about how i feel in a very no biased way!

    I think this so called 'asian fashion blog' should be closed down! its wasting space on the internet!!!!!!!

  12. Hey anonymous, I don't know if you noticed but ALL comments on this post were removed, good AND bad.

    Thanks for your feedback anyway :)

  13. Hey 'Fashion Spectator'

    Right, so please enlighten us..whats the point of this so called 'fashion blog'??? Aims and objectives?

    And you replied to my comment very quickly - ive just seen yours! So evidently you spend alot of time on this blog, what for?? You keep deleting everything!! haha..close it down and get a proper job!! silly billies everywhere ;-D

  14. Hey anonymous (why don't you leave a name??)

    The point of this fashion blog is to share photos from the catwalks, style tips, product reviews etc.

    Aims and Objectives? I had a great admiration for a lot of other fashion blogs which focused on western fashion and after struggling to find fashion blogs that focused on Asian fashion I decided to set my own up. The blog also became a bit of an SEO experiment for me and I wanted to see if I could make it to the top spot on google for a number of search terms.

    Yep I replied really quickly, in my blog admin area there's a little box I ticked which automatically sends me an email every time somebody leaves a comment.

    And yes, you're right I do spend a lot of time on this blog, not every waking hour but I check my stats every few days and I'm always on the lookout for photos from fashion shows to post.

    I've explained the deleted comments before, particularly on this post, but you'll find that the majority of other comments are approved - including yours :)

    I'll take your suggestion to "close it down" on board, although I don't think I'll be shutting down anytime soon...and just to confirm, I do have a "proper" job although I think your idea of a "proper" job may be a little out of date as there are many people out there who make a living from their blogs and websites.

    Finally, a small suggestion for you - why don't you start your own blog? It can be about anything you want, even a blog ranting about how rubbish other blogs are :)

  15. Wooooooooooow! I thought this blog was about the magazine? Anyhoo i love this magazine!!!!


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