Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Catwalk Review - The Asiana Bridal Show in London: Frontier Bazar

I was at the Asiana Magazine's bridal show in London this weekend. The highlight of the exhibition was the fashion show, featuring collections from:
Seasons India, Frontier Bazar, Payal Collection, Puja Silk House, RCS Menswear, Roshans, Sana Designerwear, Kirans, Ishq Couture, Monga’s, Shakuntlam and jewellery by Kyles.

Here's my report from the catwalk, starting with Frontier Bazar, some of the pictures are a bit rubbish, but what can I say, I'm not a professional photographer and people kept sticking their stupid heads in my way! :p

Frontier Bazar

Frontier Bazar kicked off their section of the show with this red and gold Anarkali-style churidar suit - complete with matching hat!
I don't know about you, but that outfit didn't exactly make a good first impression on me...neither did this one:

However, my interest soon picked up when some sparkly, beautiful, elegant outfits came onto the catwalk:

Check out the open back on that one! I noticed quite a few open/oval-shaped cut-outs on the back of the Frontier Bazar collection.

Frontier Bazar definitely saved the best for last, modelled by former Miss England Hammasa Kohistani, this was by far my favourite outfit from the collection:

I liked the colour combination, the gold with a hint of blue and it was oh so sparkly! I also love the jewellery, especially that thing on her head!!
All the jewellery was from Kyles in London (website here) and after the show we found ourselves at the Kyles exhibition stand chatting to the owner (who is a really nice lady!) and she told us that particular bridal hair accessory is called a shingar patti. That accessory wasn't on my bridal jewellery shopping list before now, but now I really want one!!

That's all for now, look out for the next update, featuring more pics and commentary from the Asiana Bridal Fashion show


  1. So are those Mughal-e-Azam style suits still in fashion?

    My Mother bought me a few from india about 3 years ago, and whenever i wore mine to an event know one else was wearing them!

    Indian Rose x

  2. the Mughal-e-Azam style/ Anarkali suits are back in a big way. They have been in fashion india for a good few months now and seem to be very popular; especially after being worn to events by Madhuri & Rani Mukherji recently. You can see a lot of copies/ cheaper versions on Ealing Road/ Southall/ Green St at the moment too.

  3. I've seen them in the shops and on the celebs (and on the catwalk now too!) They look good, but don't think I can see myself wearing one though, I'd feel like I was in a costume?

  4. I know what you mean. I think the key is to go easy on the accessories and keep it as simple as possible. The matching hats were made especially for the catwalk show for added stage prescence and in keeping with the whole courtesan theme that the designer wanted. I won't go into detail but I know because I made them!

    But I think the good thing about Anarkali suits is that they are flattering on most body shapes and can look gorgeous with minimal jewellery; just a simple pair of earrings for example.

    For something less traditonal; 'Seasons India' showed a couple of suits which were a modern take on the Anarkali shape.

  5. hey great pictures, i really liked the design by frontier bazaar (the gold and green) can some one tell me were i can get it from???

  6. Singhar patti or most commonly known as "Matha pati" and they look so pretty ...

  7. please somebody tell me where i can get the Frontier BAzar stuff from - I'm also loving the green and gold - i looked on their website but none of these designs were on there....

  8. I can't find a UK address for Frontier Bazar, but they must have some UK stockists...otherwise you might have to take a trip to India!!
    Also, most asian clothes websites don't update that often, so they won't have the very latest designs on the site.

  9. Has anyone managed to find a store in the UK that sells Frontier Bazar Bridal Wear???

  10. For that particular outfit from Frontier Bazar I think it would be made to order. They do not have a london stockist as far as I know. The best thing to do is call or email them saying you saw the Asiana Show in London and liked the light gold & teal green/blue lengha that the model Hamasa wore. The contact I have for them is:

    Frontier Bazar 5/71 W.E.A.
    Padam Singh Road
    Karol Bagh
    New Delhi 1100045

    E-Mail: gne@nda.vsnl.net.in
    E-Mail: info@frontierbazar.com

    Tel: 011 25731139 or 25447968

    There are also some alternative tel no.s on the website: www.frontierbazar.com

    They may be able to email you pictures of other new designs they have too; worth a try.

    Hope that helps!

  11. for frontier stuff you can try santoshi in southall.anokhi in leicster.

  12. Be very very careful of ordering stuff from Frontier in Delhi. Just been on a shopping trip to india, they have really nice stuff (but so do alot of the other shops) we ordered some outfits from there, they didn't get them ready on time and made some of them wrong, the staff there are really rude. If you shop there get ready to be disappinted and be shouted at. Won't ever shop there again I wouldn't recommed it to anyone!!

  13. there in phagwara punjab india, and in canada toronto. there not in uk at all!

  14. I had the best ever service from Frontier! I went from england in april with only 10 days to have a total of 12 outfits made; 2 wedding lehengas for myself, 2 wedding sherwanis for my fiance, 2 outfits for my sister, 2 for my mother, 2 sherwanis for my dad and brother and countless saris and outfits for other events. Frontier was the SECOND shop i went to and fell in love! The outfits are GORGEOUS AND YOU WILL NOT FIND THAT RANG EOR QUALITY ANYWHERE ELSE IN DELHI!!! yes the prices are higher, but I tell you what; you pay for quality! they also gave us discount when asked. The service is impeccable! the two bhaiyas on the bridal floor surender and mohan were absolute godsends, and the owner's sons ; atul and anuj were amazing and so kind. They even arranged cars for us , as well as food and drink whenever we entered. They gave us a time for the outfits to be ready and althought they were a day or two late- they did it all on time and it was all magnificient. all our outfits were made to measure. ALL of them. and they were all amazing. we saw countless people come in and moan about this and that but to me- they were legends. I couldnt recommend anywhere better. they also matched upp ALL my wedding jewellery for me my mom and my sister. FRONTIER: BEST PLACE EVER.


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