Tuesday 26 February 2008

Asiana Bridal Show - Ishq Couture

Still got a few more pics from the fashion show (hope you're not bored of these by now?)

There was something very different about the Ishq Couture collection, compared to all the rest of the designers, it was just so plain! All the colours were very pastel-y and there was only a hint of embroidery here and there.

It all started with this toga-esque dress:

Next up was this pale yellow/gold number, with a little hint of embroidery

There was lots of pinks, and a lot of flowing, light outfits:

The final outfit was this sparkly gold outfit including a train (which, if my memory serves me correct, the model just about managed to turn in without falling over!)

Overall, I was really shocked to see this very plain collection on the catwalk at an asian bridal show, especially because as part of their promotions at the Asiana Exhibition, you could spot Ishq Couture's two leaflet girls a mile away because they were dressed up and decked out in such bright glitzy galmourous outfits!
I admit that these outfits are beautiful, and they look good, just not for a wedding and certainly not for the bride! The only thing I can think is that some of these outfits would be more suited to the bridesmaids at a civil cermony! Although I can't imagine the bridesmaids being happy about having to wear such plain outfits!!

What do you think? Too plain? or beautiful in a minimalistic way?

Wednesday 20 February 2008

Asiana Wedding Magazine Spring 2008 issue

As soon as I found out the latest issue of Asiana Wedding magazine was out in the shops I rushed out and got my copy the very next day! Well, is it any good? Here's my review:

Front Cover (click here to view the front cover)
Ok, in the past I've slated asian bridal magazines for featuring western bridal dresses on their front covers...but there's something about this front cover that makes me think WOW she looks gorgeous! It's a very different look to the very traditional winter front cover (click here for a reminder), but I love it cause it's so fresh and a very contemporary look. Fab photography again by Asiana's favourite photographer Alexandre Pichon. (you might have also noticed this front cover pic is also the main image for Asiana's Bridal show in Birmingaham)

First Impressions
This magazine is FAT! 516 pages in total! A lot of that is adverts, but I'm not complaining, cause these are nicely shot adverts showing beautiful outfits, and a lot of the ads are for bridal boutiques I've not been exposed to before :) it makes a change from the usual suspects!

I've been checking out wedding magazines for years (hope that doesn't make me sound sad!) and you see a lot of topics repeated over the years, but I was pleasantly surprised to see some articles on new topics in this issue of Asiana :)
There was the article on colours to suit your skintone, but with a twist - they included what colours would suit your groom too. After all, no matter how amazing you look, the pictures will turn out rubbish if your groom doesn't look just as amazing as you do!!
There's also an article on wedding drinks - you've picked out your wedding menu, but what if you don't have a clue to what to serve with it?? And for the teetotallers like myself, there's even some non-alcoholic suggestions (cause we all know coke bottles on tables look tacky!)

There are of course the regular features, the Q+A's (including "I want to surprise my husband with some burlesque photos of me..."), the real-life weddings, etc. etc. and as seen in the last issue, the competitions page is back again! Hurray! I love that there's stuff to win :) I've already entered to win a pre-wedding photo shoot worth £600, and I'm definitley going to be be posting my entry to win some Kyles jewellery.

Worth buying?
I'd have to say yes! Even if it's just to look at the pictures. There are so many beautiful outfits in this mag, I've already made a list of shops I want to visit :)

so you wanna model for an Asian magazine?

I came across this on facebook and thought I'd share it with you all!
I know there are a lot of aspiring asian models out there, looking for their big break.
A new asian magazine called "Henna" is on the lookout for models

There's no height restrictions, but they are only accepting models aged 18 or over, and you don't even have to be asian - you just have to look it!

I know very little about modelling, so can't advise on what to expect at the casting, but if modelling is your dream this casting session looks legitimate, so ring up for more info, go along, and see if you can make your dreams come true!

The casting is in London on Wednesday 5th March, 10am - 5pm. For more info, click here to check out the facebook event.

Tuesday 19 February 2008

Free Foundation Samples (only available in UK)

Just a quick blog post to let all UK readers know about a bargain I've come across - free foundation samples!
Online retailer Miss Bollywood are offering free samples of GLAM-X foundation. I've never tried this brand before, but it's apparently "specially formulated for Asian and Ethnic skin".

I'm not sure how long the free samples will be available, but if I were you I wouldn't wait around to order, cause offers like this don't usually last!

All you have to do is click on this link, choose your colour(s), add them to your basket, sign in (or register, which takes 2 minutes) go through the checkout, you can select any payment method - it won't ask for any payment, choose the standard post option (which costs £0.00) and your samples should be on their way!
[edit - Miss Bollywood now charge a standard of £2.50 for postage, but still worth it I think!]

I only just ordered mine today, so no idea on the size, or how long they take to arrive, but considering it's free, I'm not complaining!

This foundation is usually £18.50 for 30ml, so order yourself a sample and try before you buy!

Saturday 16 February 2008

Roshan's at the Asiana Bridal Show 2008

Roshan's kicked off their show with a line of models on stage in tiny tops, full skirts with fans in their hands and feathers in their hair!

The outfits were fully embroidered, but in my opinion, they were too full, and even though you can see the amazing detail up close (click on the pic for a close up view!), from far away the embroidery looks bland - which isn't a good look if you're a bride, cause you want to look amazing up close and from a distance!!

Roshan's showed a full range of colours, from the pastels at the start, to traditional reds, darker colours and finally these bright light coloured outfits they ended with:

I really liked the feathery hair pieces and the fans too, which were by Simply Silver.

Shakuntlam at the Asiana Bridal fashion show

If I had to describe Shakuntlam's collection in one word, I could very easily say "Churidars" and you'd get the picture! We'd seen a few of these type of outfits before, in Frontier Bazar's catwalk collection, but Shakuntlam had a lot more. In fact, most of their show was churidar suits, and they started off with this baby pink number which featured a very cool beaded-back:

I like the colour of this red and gold outfit, although I've never been a big fan of tops which frame the chest in that way!!

Next were some outfits which show a bit more skin, check out the open back of this outfit:

Even more daring was this outfit, I really don't think the top looks good! but if you just look at the skirt, I really like the embroidery and colour combination.

Finally, there was a sari! I only managed to get a side shot of it, but I can tell you that the bold embroidery and glitziness of it reminded me of the outfits my mum used to wear in the late 80s/early 90s and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing!!

All those churidar suits weren't very bridal in my opinion, nor was the sari but I have a feeling that Shakuntlam were perhaps aiming their outfits at the 75% of the audience who weren't the bride ie. friends, sisters etc.

Saturday 9 February 2008

Asiana Bridal Show - RCS Menswear

RCS was the only exhibitor at the fashion show whose collection was composed totally of menswear...well they only do menswear so what else were they gonna show?!

The first two outfits made a big impact, they were bold but not to my tastes!

pink and white anyone??

Lots more outfits followed, accessorised with swords, pearls, scrolls - all very regal! A bit over the top in my opinion, but some grooms want to be just as dressed up and decked out as their brides don't they?!

Finally, one outfit caught my eye and made me think "wow":

I really like the colour combination, especially the fact that the red is underneath and looks very subtle, until he moves and then you can see it more. That would be a good way to colour-coordinate: match the underneath colour to the bride's outfit.

For more info visit the RCS Official Website: www.rcsdesigns.co.uk or have a browse of their facebook group.

Monday 4 February 2008

Puja Silk House at the Asiana Bridal Show

Next on the runway at the Asiana Wedding show was Puja Silk House. Their collection started off with big fully-embroidered skirts with much plainer (and skimpier!) tops. The models were accessorised with flowers, umbrellas and fans:

I really like the colour combination on the outfit above!

There were some more "conservative" tops in the collection too, although these outfits didn't exactly make me think "wow!"

Then this outfit came out...and made me think, if it makes the model look frumpy, what's a normal woman going to look like in it??! Although I like the idea of a bolero/jacket :)

Finally, there was an outfit that did make me think "wow" but unfortunately I only got a picture of the back, and it still looks fab!

Next time: RCS Menswear - with some (gorgeous?) male models!

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