Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Asiana Bridal Show - Ishq Couture

Still got a few more pics from the fashion show (hope you're not bored of these by now?)

There was something very different about the Ishq Couture collection, compared to all the rest of the designers, it was just so plain! All the colours were very pastel-y and there was only a hint of embroidery here and there.

It all started with this toga-esque dress:

Next up was this pale yellow/gold number, with a little hint of embroidery

There was lots of pinks, and a lot of flowing, light outfits:

The final outfit was this sparkly gold outfit including a train (which, if my memory serves me correct, the model just about managed to turn in without falling over!)

Overall, I was really shocked to see this very plain collection on the catwalk at an asian bridal show, especially because as part of their promotions at the Asiana Exhibition, you could spot Ishq Couture's two leaflet girls a mile away because they were dressed up and decked out in such bright glitzy galmourous outfits!
I admit that these outfits are beautiful, and they look good, just not for a wedding and certainly not for the bride! The only thing I can think is that some of these outfits would be more suited to the bridesmaids at a civil cermony! Although I can't imagine the bridesmaids being happy about having to wear such plain outfits!!

What do you think? Too plain? or beautiful in a minimalistic way?


  1. i prefer these than the previous

  2. omg, that top sari is what dreams or obsessions are made of.

  3. the dresses are nice, but your'e right, more for the bridesmaid then the bride...hows the wedding prep going? peace.

  4. I thought the outfits were lovely , and elegant. Everyone elses stuff looked the same !The outfits were obviousley aimed at registry/engagements/ bribesmaids.

  5. Jeez, not everyone wants to look like an xmas tree ! Helloo any outfit can be blinged up. You just ask for more !

  6. calm down anonymous, no need to stress :)
    You're right - not everyone wants to look like a christmas tree, but at a wedding there will probably be a lot of guests who will be dressed up to the max, the bride doesn't want to get lost in all of that now does she?

  7. Hey there ! I feel like there a bit of a Grecian theme at least with colors used...may be a good idea for a quiet intimate wedding on the beach :)


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