Saturday, 9 February 2008

Asiana Bridal Show - RCS Menswear

RCS was the only exhibitor at the fashion show whose collection was composed totally of menswear...well they only do menswear so what else were they gonna show?!

The first two outfits made a big impact, they were bold but not to my tastes!

pink and white anyone??

Lots more outfits followed, accessorised with swords, pearls, scrolls - all very regal! A bit over the top in my opinion, but some grooms want to be just as dressed up and decked out as their brides don't they?!

Finally, one outfit caught my eye and made me think "wow":

I really like the colour combination, especially the fact that the red is underneath and looks very subtle, until he moves and then you can see it more. That would be a good way to colour-coordinate: match the underneath colour to the bride's outfit.

For more info visit the RCS Official Website: or have a browse of their facebook group.


  1. i LOVE the white and red outfit! (model not too bad either!)

  2. never seen anything so gaudy in my life! clearly out of touch with the market


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