Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Asiana Wedding Magazine Spring 2008 issue

As soon as I found out the latest issue of Asiana Wedding magazine was out in the shops I rushed out and got my copy the very next day! Well, is it any good? Here's my review:

Front Cover (click here to view the front cover)
Ok, in the past I've slated asian bridal magazines for featuring western bridal dresses on their front covers...but there's something about this front cover that makes me think WOW she looks gorgeous! It's a very different look to the very traditional winter front cover (click here for a reminder), but I love it cause it's so fresh and a very contemporary look. Fab photography again by Asiana's favourite photographer Alexandre Pichon. (you might have also noticed this front cover pic is also the main image for Asiana's Bridal show in Birmingaham)

First Impressions
This magazine is FAT! 516 pages in total! A lot of that is adverts, but I'm not complaining, cause these are nicely shot adverts showing beautiful outfits, and a lot of the ads are for bridal boutiques I've not been exposed to before :) it makes a change from the usual suspects!

I've been checking out wedding magazines for years (hope that doesn't make me sound sad!) and you see a lot of topics repeated over the years, but I was pleasantly surprised to see some articles on new topics in this issue of Asiana :)
There was the article on colours to suit your skintone, but with a twist - they included what colours would suit your groom too. After all, no matter how amazing you look, the pictures will turn out rubbish if your groom doesn't look just as amazing as you do!!
There's also an article on wedding drinks - you've picked out your wedding menu, but what if you don't have a clue to what to serve with it?? And for the teetotallers like myself, there's even some non-alcoholic suggestions (cause we all know coke bottles on tables look tacky!)

There are of course the regular features, the Q+A's (including "I want to surprise my husband with some burlesque photos of me..."), the real-life weddings, etc. etc. and as seen in the last issue, the competitions page is back again! Hurray! I love that there's stuff to win :) I've already entered to win a pre-wedding photo shoot worth £600, and I'm definitley going to be be posting my entry to win some Kyles jewellery.

Worth buying?
I'd have to say yes! Even if it's just to look at the pictures. There are so many beautiful outfits in this mag, I've already made a list of shops I want to visit :)

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  1. Is anyone looking to sell any back issues of Asiana wedding magazine?


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