Monday, 4 February 2008

Puja Silk House at the Asiana Bridal Show

Next on the runway at the Asiana Wedding show was Puja Silk House. Their collection started off with big fully-embroidered skirts with much plainer (and skimpier!) tops. The models were accessorised with flowers, umbrellas and fans:

I really like the colour combination on the outfit above!

There were some more "conservative" tops in the collection too, although these outfits didn't exactly make me think "wow!"

Then this outfit came out...and made me think, if it makes the model look frumpy, what's a normal woman going to look like in it??! Although I like the idea of a bolero/jacket :)

Finally, there was an outfit that did make me think "wow" but unfortunately I only got a picture of the back, and it still looks fab!

Next time: RCS Menswear - with some (gorgeous?) male models!


  1. i am an aspiring fashion editor looking around to feel content with south asian bridal fashion.

    your blog is indeed of great help.

    though it would really help me if you could pin point the bridal fashion trends from Bangladesh, since that is coming out on the South Asian scene fast

  2. i thought some of these outfits WERE really badly fitted, especially the skirt to the white bolero outfit.
    Have seen better bolero's too, the ones that make me go WOW!

    Lovin the first one tho'. The gold and green combo.

  3. Does that mean full lengha skirts are back generally or is it just for brides?

  4. Here's a new South Asian line that just came out. A French and South Asian designer are behind all these desings. I thought they are pretty cool.


  5. I thought they were all gorgeous... particularly the first one. Ive been to the shop myself and they are pretty decent priced.

  6. I Loveeeee the designs on I wish their prices were a little more within my budget. But then, beauty aint cheap ...LOL.

  7. I have been to this shop and it is amazing. All the prices are Cheap and all the staff are polite and very helpful. The boss of the shop personally serves you. The other shops are good but this is the best.

  8. There is a new South Asian magazine out that's been giving great content - its about 1 1/2 years old and going strong! Check it out: It's a quarterly publication and the content is fully new each issue. We've been loving it!

    The best part about is that they pick REAL women to be on the cover - and publish an interview of the models too. Its pretty great.

  9. Whats the cost of a bridal lehenga choli? I don't have any idea but I got a very heavy one from Are the dresses that the models are wearing are cheap?

    Please update me.


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