Saturday, 16 February 2008

Roshan's at the Asiana Bridal Show 2008

Roshan's kicked off their show with a line of models on stage in tiny tops, full skirts with fans in their hands and feathers in their hair!

The outfits were fully embroidered, but in my opinion, they were too full, and even though you can see the amazing detail up close (click on the pic for a close up view!), from far away the embroidery looks bland - which isn't a good look if you're a bride, cause you want to look amazing up close and from a distance!!

Roshan's showed a full range of colours, from the pastels at the start, to traditional reds, darker colours and finally these bright light coloured outfits they ended with:

I really liked the feathery hair pieces and the fans too, which were by Simply Silver.

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