Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Asiana Bridal Show 2008 - Sana Designerwear

I was really keen to see what Sana Designerwear had to offer, because they have a showroom based near me and the only reason I've never visited before is because it's one of those "by appointment only" type places, and of course someone who's just browsing doesn't want to go to the trouble of making an appointment if they're not ready to buy!

Although Sana Designerwear's outfits always look good in their magazine ads, the clothes we saw on the catwalk failed to amaze me.

I thought the top of this black outfit was too long...and let's be honest, have you ever seen a bride wear black?? Sana's website has additional info on this outfit.

I think it's a shame you couldn't see the top of this outfit cause it was covered up (again, here's a pic where you can see the top!)

What's going on with this top?!! (see it here on their site)

I didn't hate all the outfits though, and I like the fact that they had a garara in their show (not my fave colour!), I think it was the only one I saw that day, which is a shame, cause I think they make a nice alternative to wearing a lengha.

This was my favourite outfit:

I'm not going to be rushing to make my appointment to visit the Sana Designerwear showroom, not for bridalwear anyway! But maybe you've seen something that takes your fancy?


  1. Such unusual wedding decisions! These dresses look fresh and sweet.

  2. they have really nice dresses. btw im pretty sure that first dress is brown, not black, unusual colour still but looks unique

  3. very colorful dresses. I like the green saree the most.


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