Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Asiana Bridal Show London: Mongas

It was the Mongas collection that ended the show, and they really made the most of it! They started off with some registry-style outfits:

These were the type of dresses you could dance in...and they demonstrated that on the catwalk! (although the dancing, rather than posing meant I couldn't get decent pics)

Up next were some traditional outfits, including co-ordinating menswear:

Most of the outfits were likeable, but there was one that, in my opinion, looked rubbish! Do you think this looks flattering??!

They ended the show with these outfits, and a little bit more dancing!

That brings and end to my photos of the Asiana Bridal Show in London (It only took me a month to get them all up here!!!) But there's more to come - next week I'm going to be attending The Asian Bride Show in Manchester, and in 3 weeks time I'll be in Birmingham for the Asiana Bridal Show, so look out for my reviews from those shows!


  1. GORGEOUS! all gorgeous and so intricate. i love the sparkles and how glam it is! i think what's great is when you can walk across a room and your outfit just has that sexy but subtle appeal to it. just enough bling to get people's attention!

    thanks for posting!




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