Sunday, 23 March 2008

Basant Night Fashion Show Manchester - Imani Studio collection one

The Basant Night fashion show in Manchester featured two boutiques from the city, with the first being one of my favourites - Imani Studio, it was actually after I'd visited their store to write my shop review that they invited me to attend this fashion show. So here's the first part of their catwalk - Bridalwear!

The thing about Imani Studio that sets it apart from most other asian clothes shops, is that they stock more than one designer, so there's a lot of variety in what they have to show.

They started with this very original looking pink/purple sharara:

My favourite was probably the gold outfit on the left in this photo...although I'm not sure if the skirt is intended to be that short!

This section of the show also included some saris, although compared to the glitzyness of the bridal outfits, they look very plain in comparison.

Look out for my next post which will have more casual/partywear outfits from Imani Studio.

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  1. Wow some interesting use of colour. I quite like the sharara in the first pic!


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