Thursday, 27 March 2008

Basant Night Fashion Show Manchester - Fuchsia collection one

The Basant Night show in Manchester two weeks ago also featured collections by manchester-based Fuchsia, which happens to be a shop I've never bought anything from! It's not that I don't like their clothes, in fact I rather like some of their outfits, however the shopping experience itself leaves much to be desired. It's one of those shops which has all their clothes so tightly packed onto the rails you can hardly look at the outfits...I gave up after the first few visits, but perhaps if you like what you see below, you might just pay them a visit!!!

The show started with some pretty party outfits (and weird catwalk positions which made it extemely difficult to get decent shots of the clothes!!)

Then there was this blue dress with a bolero, it was quite striking, but is it me or does her bum look big in it??!:

Next we had this green outfit and this toga-looking sari (which reminded me a lot of the first outfit by Ishq couture at the Asiana Bridal Show in London although the Ishq Couture sari was much prettier!)

There were two more sari's for this part of the show, including the purple and orange one below...where do I start with this outfit?? The colour combination just doesn't do it for me at all, neither of these colours are really "in" at the moment. Then if you take into account the big mirrors on the border and on the top, it all looks wrong to me!

The other sari had a colour combo that I think did work - blue and brown. I only managed to snap the back of it - what do you think of the heart-shaped cutout in the back?

The final images from the Basant Fashion show will be the bridal collection from Fuchsia - so look out for that soon!

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