Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Arinder Bhullar collection from the Asiana Bridal Show catwalk in Birmingham

I was really looking forward to seeing the Arinder Bhullar collection at the Asiana Show, I've been a fan of their designs ever since I saw them at Asiana's Bridal Show at the Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford, way back in 2006!
Did this season's collection live up to my expectations? Take a look for yourself!

The show was composed mainly of modern outfits which tended to have less embroidery and be more "flowing". The outfits were accessorised with masks and western menswear from Pronuptia.

There were two main colours being shown on the catwalk: Red and Gold! Both quite traditional bridal colours, but there was nothing traditional about the style of the suits!

I like the shape of the skirts, and I think the reason that the skirts tend to be lightly embroidered is because heavily embroidered skirts just don't hang in the same way? Although, the second outfit above makes her hips/bum look big!

I'm not sure if it shows on the photos, but the outfit above had a train on one side, rather than at the back.

The final outfit definitley made an impact! I don't think you'd ever catch a bride wearing it, but it had that "wow" factor!

I think the catwalk collection only showed one side to the Arinder Bhullar collection, and after the show I visited their exhibition stand and was really impressed with the range of colours and styles they had on offer...so much so that 3 weeks later I visited their store in Leicester and ordered my wedding outfit from them! I'll be posting up a review of my wedding outfit shopping experiences at some point in the future, so look out for that :)


  1. I thought the clothes were not fitted well for the models so the outfits didnt look as good as they could have.

  2. I can't wait to see your wedding outfit!
    Do I dare to wish that you put a piture up of you wearing it on the wedding day? :-)

    - Leyla


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