Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Mairs at the Asiana Bride Show in Birmingham

Red is probably the most popular asian bridal colour, and the Mairs collection at the Asiana Bridal Show in Birmingham started off by filling the stage with red dresses!!

Luckily, they gave us a chance to check out each outfit individually, so here are some modern dresses in a traditional colour:

I like the idea of the outfit above - a fitted corset top with a flowing skirt, although I've seen nicer corset tops than this one and there's no jewellery/accessories. Perhaps they were hoping the red veils and hairpieces would be enough to complete these bridal looks.

This next outfit was more of your traditional asian bridal outfit. I liked the skirt, with it's train but as with the corset outfit, I think the top really let this outfit down - I'm not keen on the square neckline.

Up next was this dress. I really like the shape of the dress but think the embroidery could have been more distinctive - it looks a little bit too standard and boring!

The first thing I have to say about this outfit is that it's badly fitted! I'm not sure how the top is supposed to look, but it doesn't look right to me. I like the embroidery details on the back, although the red veil looks scary!!

Finally, an outfit which I can find no fault with :) Perhaps the skirt might be considered too plain for some brides, but I like it anyway.

This was probably the most traditional of all the outfits from Mairs. As far as full-on traditional bridal outfits go, you could do a lot worse, but I think you could probably get something nicer than this one.

The last two outfits, showcased a bit of menswear. The bridal outfit above is so-so in my opinion, but I like the menswear a lot, even though I think the bright white looks a bit too sharp in contrast with the red...perhaps cream and red would be easier on the eye.

Finally, there was this pink outfit. After all the reds it seemed a bit odd to me to end with quite a plain pink outfit. The show started very strongly with all the reds on stage at the same time, however the ending didn't have as much impact.

So, what's the verdict on Mairs? Well, it appears they know how to create a great shape, with their full skirts and dresses with netting underneath, however the details on the accompanying tops aren't so great. If you can afford made-to-measure than you've got no problem - you can chop and change the tops to suit your own preferences, but if I was buying readymade from Mairs I'd make sure the outfit, especially the top fit perfectly before buying.
For more info on Mairs, visit their website, it doesn't have much in the way of outfits/pics, but it can tell you the address of their stores if you fancy a visit!

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