Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Seasons India collection one at the Asiana Bridal Show Birmingham

I'd seen some of Season India's stuff before, at the London leg of the Asiana Bride Show, and was keen to see if they'd show us the same stuff or have some new outfits to dazzle us with!

3 was the magic number at the start of the show as 3 dazzling anarkali churidar suits came down the catwalk all together. I didn't manage to get a snap of all 3 outfits together, but I'll tell you they made quite an impact! I really can't decide which one I like best!!

The churidar suits were followed by a bit of menswear, some dancing and these two blue outfits

Three was the magic number again at the end of the show, with these heavily embroidered skirt suits. As you can see, all the models wore naths. They're not everyone's favourite bridal accessory, and some of the models suited them more than others, but I like the fact that everyone wore them - it certainly made this collection stick out in my mind.

I think the thing I like about the Seasons India designs is the details in the embroidery. With heavily embroidered outfits, there's always the danger that it looks likes someones just covered the whole thing and not thought about a pattern, but I think the Season's outfits look good up close and from far away.

I've had a quick browse on the Seasons India website and they appear to have any of these outfits on there yet, but check it out cause they update quite regularly!


  1. The turqois churidaar is breath-taking!
    Thank you for posting :)

  2. thanks to your blogs, i found my perfect suit!!
    this one..


    shabana/ pink-dust.com

  3. I'm loving all these outfits!
    wish i could have them all!

    Anonymous, did you order it?

  4. hi u knw the first 3 suits tat cam on
    du u knw where i cud get dem from n how much they will cost

  5. hi anonymous check out the Seasons India website - http://www.seasonsindia.com/eCom/sz_sea.jsp

  6. Ireally like the first 3 outfits, but i have checked the website and can not see them on there or find out how much they cost?

    Can anyone shed some light on this ? and hleelp me out??

  7. I really want to order the turquios curudaar bu i can not find on there website....
    Fashion Specator an you help me locate it or let me know how much it costs pl?

  8. hi Raf, this show was in 2008 so they may not have the outfits available now.


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