Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Seasons India collection two at the Asiana Bridal Show Birmingham

After dazzling the audience with their first collection at Birmingham's Asiana Wedding show, Seasons India had a lot to live up to with their second show. It was definitley different, and they started off with saris and long cigarette holders:

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any clear shots of these saris, cause the models were dancing too much! But you can get an idea of the designs, all with tiny blouses. (you can get a closer view of the black sari from the last picture by checking out the Seasons India website by searching for product id 11-1220)

Next up was this blue dress, which I really liked. It looks elegant and the design is quite original. I like the way it hangs and the skirt swishes when she walks. (The product id for this outfit is 11-1226)

The next two outfits were pretty. I'm liking the white with a hint of green and gold colour scheme, although I'm not sure about the fitting of the top...the way it looks depends on your chest size I suppose!

They ended the show with the same outfit they finished with at the London Asiana Show, it must be one of their most popular outfits! What do you think?


  1. Looks like it was a great show!

  2. hey Naz, have you picked out your wedding outfit yet?
    I'm liking this blog! :-)


  3. so fancinated design and beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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