Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Fusion of Fashion and Photography - at the Pakistan High Commission

The Pakistan High Commission recently held a fashion show, called "Fusion of Fashion and Photography". The show featured collections by the following designers: Maheen Khan, Deepak Perwani, Samrya Rashid, Simoneel Sidiki, Dania Habib and Mahin Hussain.

I didn't attend the show, but photographer Shahid Malik has very kindly let me use his photos.

It all started with some bright summery outfits, all with short jackets:

I'm liking the use of yellow in the above outfits, although I think the the heavy pink top in the first pic is a little bit over the top. Likewise, I'm not keen on the blue "bobbley" trim on the dress (and in the earrings)

I think a plain top underneath looks so much better with the patterned jackets. I'm really loving the pink jacket/white skirt look above...although the bag it's accessorised with is a bit scary!

There were a few darker coloured outfits thrown in there, but these were teamed up with a bit of red on the sleeves and white embroidery on the black dresses. I really liked these outfits, they look good but also comfortable and wearable.

The red sleeves were back again, although they don't look too good with this outfit! There's just too much going on here it's a mess!

This part of the show ended with these two outfits - a longer jacket in blue, teamed up with a white skirt, and this white dress.

What do you think of these outfits? Would you wear any of the items seen here? Look out for more photos from the this fashion show in my next post!


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  2. Never a big fan of fusion, these are pretty intricate pieces but the full look falls apart. The fitting on the models is too loose and too tight in particular areas. I say go full american or full indian...fusion can be done but it needs to be carefully done so you are not looking tacky or 'wacky'

  3. so beautiful collections. I love the turquoise blue dress

  4. the garments are fabulous.n photographer has captured it marvellously.

  5. There is a great website Outclass covering of Pakistani Boutiques and fashion


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