Sunday, 4 May 2008

Laaj at Birmingham's Asiana Wedding Show

Laaj had the "cupid theme" for their collection at the Asiana Wedding Show in Birmingham, complete with feathery wings and love-heart bow and arrows. They started off with this gold outfit:

This was followed by a procession of dark purples and dark greens. Maybe it's just me but I think these type of colours are more suited to a winter bridal collection rather than a summer collection. These outfits were still pretty though and I guess not everyone wants to be sparkly and bright!

When I initially saw this outfit, and even after looking at these photos the first few times I didn't even notice the design of the skirt cause those big sleeves attract all your attention! What do you think of it all?? I admire the designer for doing something a bit different, but I think the whole look is just too much and something people would only wear because it would get them attention!!

Next up were some deep reds, with big bold embroidery.

They ended the show with this red outfit, complete with matching bolero and a train.

Laaj are based in Birmingham, and you can check out their website by clicking here.


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  2. I placed sevral orders with Laaj - The shop is now closed. The wedding is near and we have no outfits!!!

    Does anyone have any ideas as to whats happening?

  3. They've dissapeared, i need my altering! We've had a phone call from Mongas in southall, apparently they have the same designer. They have some of Laaj's outfits, apparently they owe lots of money to this designer!


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