Saturday, 31 May 2008

Magazine Review - Asiana Wedding Summer 2008 Issue

Can a girl have too many bridal magazines? If you've seen one are all the rest just the same? If you've already chosen your wedding outfit (like me!) is it still worth buying more magazines??
Well here's my reviw/preview of the latest Asiana Wedding magazine, so you can decide if it's worth it for you!

Front Cover
"Majestic. The return of regal glamour" is the tagline for this issue of Asiana Wedding, and you can see for yourself it's a very regal old-style kinda of look. The heavily embroidered outfit is from Bombay Trendz and that overpowering triple-layer necklace is from Mona Vora.
If the front cover makes you think that the whole magazine in going to be full of traditional outfits and styling like this then think again! There's plenty of features inside for modern/contempory wedding styling.

I'd imagine the articles in this magazine aren't the main selling point for most people - it's the pictures! I'll get to those later, but first every magazine needs some substance and the actual articles/advice start on page 112 of this issue.

Mr.Sanjay Anand, the director of events management company Madhu's, starts things off with his usual Q+A. I couldn't help but chuckle at the first question sent in - "I've saved myself for the man I'm going to marry and I don't want him to think I'm a slutty girl on the big night". Laughs aside, there were questions about beach weddings in the uk, combined stag and hen nights, and what to do if you've read negative comments online about the make-up artist you've booked.
There's also a financial Q+A which, in the current credit-crunch climate are a useful addition.

Then there's the real-life weddings. If I'm being completely honest these are starting to bore me a little bit now, none of the weddings seem very original...well apart from "celebrity" wedding. It's not really a celebrity as such (I've never heard of either of these people) but the son of some big jewellery dynasty getting married to his sweetheart made for a big lavish 4-page spread in the magazine. (They had 4000 guests in case you're interested!)

Other articles that stuck out were the "how to choose your caterer", a gift wishlist and a review of Thailand for a honeymoon destination.

Aside from all the beautifully shot clothes ads, there's an article on hats. Yep you read correctly HATS. I love a good hair accessory, not sure I'd go as far as wearing a hat, It's a very modern look which would probably be best suited to a registration rather than a wedding day, but Asiana have shown they've got their finger on the pulse and even categorized what type of hat would suit your face shape.
Beauty-wise there's an article on "overnight beautifiers", products which work while you're asleep! There's also features on make-up artists Jawaad Ashraf and Joshiv Beauty.

The clothes!!
I think I've spelled out that there's LOTS of clothes in this magazine, and there's just so much variety. From modern suits to traditional outfits, registry outfits, partywear. No prices on the outfits, which makes you assume they're all totally expensive, but here's a tip for you - if there's an email address in the contact details on the store, drop them an email and ask the price. I emailed the boutique Maaha and got a reply the next day.

I'd say this issue of Asiana Wedding was worth buying. With a lot of other bridal magazines, by the time they get to their 14th issue you start to see the same articles/advice coming back again and again. Of course their going to repeat themselves, cause each year there's a new set of brides who need the same advice, but I think Asiana Wedding manage to keep it fresh and don't repeat themselves too much :)


  1. The cover picture tells me this year's trends are Jodhaa Akbar inspired? In other words Mughal inspired?

    Just looking on the Maaha site now, and theres this one design by Rizwan Beyg for women which is an outfit exactly like a sherwani! Hmm! Interesting!

    I've found that a third of the magazine is actually the real deal and useful stuff! The rest is anything they can find to fill the pages tbh!

  2. Do you think you can scan some pictures from the magazine?

  3. I absolutely LOVE this cover! Everytime I think I have my wedding outfit planned another new 'enhancement' or 'style' makes me rethink again. How would someone like me in the USA be able to get this? I remember last when I was in the UK I managed to grab an ASIANA Wedding copy and until today all my friends and I love to look at that fat juicy magazine! PLEASE PLEASE I WOULD LIKE THIS EDITION AS I LOVE THE COVER! THANKS.

  4. Aks,

    Check this out:

    They have a boutique based in New Jersy (address at the bottom of the page). I quite like a load of their designs! I also noticed that they have a few designs which was featured in Asiana last year which was branded under "Seasons".
    I enquired how much delivery to the U.K. would be and they said around under 20 pounds, depending on the weight of the outfit. However, delivery within the U.S. is free! So you could gain from that! I've also been told that if you buy instore you save paying tax? Or get some discount..something along those lines!
    Hope that helps :o,

  5. anon - unfortunately I can't scan any pictures from the mag as that would probably infringe their copyright

    aks - the asiana website shop ships copies of the mag worldwide, check out this link:

  6. The cover's look is extremely similar to Ash's look in Jodhaa Akbar!

  7. As the online copy is sold out, does anyone have a copy that they are done with that they'd like to sell to me?


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