Sunday, 4 May 2008

Silons at the Asiana Wedding Show Birmingham

The final show at this year's Asiana Show in Birmingham, was by Silons and they ended it in style! There was so much variety - in the colours and in the designs.

They started off with this white outfit, and a little bit of dancing (the menswear was by Pronuptia).

Next up there was a succession of colourful summery skirt suits, which I think were intended to be registy outfits. I really liked all of these, and would probably buy them all if I had somewhere to wear them (and if I could afford it!!!)

Ok...maybe I wouldn't buy this last makes the models bum look huuuuuuuge!

Next up was their bridal collection, which was a big contrast to the bright colours of the registry outfits. I didn't really like these outfits, even though there were certain features which I thought looked good. The overall look and combinations didn't make me think "wow".

Finally, there were what I would describe as party outfits - including two churidar suits which were so short they looked a bit like ballerina tutus. The models certainly looked like they were having a party as they danced on stage!

These were the final two outfits. I'm loving the one-sleeved churidar dress!

Silons are based in Birmingham, and you can visit their website by clicking here.

So that's the end of my pics from the Asiana Bridal Show in Birmingham (it took me long enough to upload them all didn't it?!!). Which collection did you like best? Did you see your future wedding outfit on the catwalk? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


  1. I must say I'm a tad dissapointed. I didn't like any. the whole collection looked like a long line of the same mermaid outfits only in different colours and patterns.
    A big thumb down for me.

  2. wow, those one sleeved chuidars are gorgeous. my favourite of the bunch.

  3. I liked the first 3...the white, pink, and blue...i love how they do that smokey eye makeup also..looks nice. The white always stands out I've noticed its a popular choice to start out in the UK fashion shows. Unfortunently here in the US its hard to come across such nice outfits..more are colorful vs. the white one. White is like the 'black' you can wear it anywhere and not look too much or too little or whenever you're unsure. I love adding the diamondy sparkly look to the white also. Please post pictures of more fitted white lengha cholis/saris...or any website that offer them, I might be going to India soon so I would love to go visit them and grab a white one for myself.

  4. some of the outfits were great, but once again nothing so orginal and new.

    Just to let everyone know if you are thinking of buying from Silons read this first! If you are lucky you may just get some discount , then once you have placed your order and paid a deposit your order means nothing!!! I ordered a lengha asked for it to have extra diamonds and paid the extra when it came back it had cheap non shining diamonds by then it was too late to re-order for my sisters wedding, then for my wedding i ordered a sherwani for my partner 2 months the time advised i can have it any colour after chasing everyday for a fabric swatch - today she tells me that she cant get it in grey and thats when I called her!! And know its too late for me to put in another order. I even paid her upfront!!! and now she tells me i can have my money back - Ive got 3 weeks left for when my order should have been ready!!! How is having my money back going to help me!!!!

  6. I agree with previous post. SILONS - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!! I ordered my wedding dress from there and had so many problems - if I had known I would never have gone there... as with previous post - at the time of ordering they promised the world. i too paid extra for more stonework but got an amateur dress with very dull stones. only got my dress a few days before my wedding, and had to return later to collect my duppata which hadn't been sent from india. definately not what you need days before your wedding. The owners are aggresive and unprofessional when you complain too - effectively holding you to ransom knowing full well that you can't do anything because of the timlines. the workmanship is also terrible too - i spent the night before my wedding hand stitching the blouse trying to reinforce the sides (trust me - i'm a UK size 10 not a heffer so this shouldn't have been necessary!). Final straw - the catch for the zip on my blouse fell apart DURING the ceremony and the zip started to fall down - luckily i had my sister sitting next to me who did a safety pin to hand without anyone noticing but it meant that i had to keep my duppata on all day (which i hadn't planned to) as i was so nervous that the blouse would come apart. DEFINATELY AVOID - all Silons want is for you to put in an order, pay some or all of it - then they fail to deliver. u can't go elsewhere as its then too late. as they can't rely on repeat business, probably accounts for the heavy advertising they do in the bridal magazines. I can't say it enough - AVOID AVOID AVOID.

  7. sobia .we ordered 10 outfits from silons selected our designs and colours ,staff were excellent in discussing our requirements we had a brilliant service fitting was perfect too ,cant ask for more many thanks staff at silons .

  8. I think people should check the shop out before they can critise, i have just purchased my bridal and it is absolutley amazing not just the design etc but also the fit. I spent a similar amount on my other bridal but it compares nothing to this one in quality and fit. Other friends of mine have brought their bridal from there and no body I know has ever been dissapointed, so in conclusion....dont knock it till you try it


  9. I am in total agreement with the negative comments about Silons THEY ARE A JOKE!

    Anyone thinking of ordering anything from Silons should do with GREAT CAUTION.

    Its a HUGE risk ordering you bridal out fit from her!

    I found Shobha to be highly unprofessional and extremely rude, with very little people skills.

    She is only interested in getting your order and lining her pockets with cash!! Thats all she interested in!!

    Once they have your order you hold no importance for her as a buying customer.

    My outfit was not made how i requested it was way to big and they did not make all the adjustments required! when asked to see the original outfit i had copied my bridal lengha from i was told that it was on a photoshoot, which was a blatant lie as they did not want to make the comparisons. There was a defect in the embroidery and she would not even over a discount as a good will gesture.

    Infact Shoba didn't even have the professionalism to talk to me personally about my issues or concerns with the defect with the outfit, instead she hid upstairs until i left the shop and got her staff to her dirty work.

    For those of you who were pleased with your outfits from her, then you guys were lucky and i am pleased for you, as it is really disheartening when an outfit for your big day or any big occasion is a disappointment!

    I certainly would not recommend her to anyone especial for ordering a bridal outfit....and i definitely will never shop with her again!!

    A really bad experience that has left me disheartened. Silons Customer Service and shopping was a DISGRACE!!

  10. I forgot to add i should have paid heed to the negative posts about Silons on this blog, as i had seen them previously - but it was too late by then as i had paid 50% of the deposit!

    So which i had cancelled my order and gone somewhere else :(

  11. could someone please tell me why they want your all your money upfront before tou buy the bridal lengha as most bridal shops only ask for half the deposit?

  12. Hi there.. me and my four sisters had just ordered and purchased outfits for our mehndi and i must say the outfits over-exceeded our expectations... everyone complimented us on our outfits as they were different and unique! defo would recommend Silones.. their friendly staff were accomodating, helpful and honest about the outfits and it was well worth the price... i have advertised their store to everyone where i live and would defo go down to get my wedding outfits from there inshAllah xx

  13. anita from birmingham,

    i think its fair to say that every one has different experiences and its all true, whether good or bad. i have shopped at silons all y life and i have throughtout the years seem the worst customer service and seen the best.
    i get greeted straight away when i enter as im known as a regular but then i get treated as a no one when i have not bought anything.

    i like the cust service of some employees but others can really follow u about and become forceful, and the comments of the owners are very true, they are really full of it, all they waant is money, they have stupid policies and they= husband tends to hide in the back watching us!!! i find it really uncomfortable, but then on the plus side it is a business and they have to pay bills too, but it could be done in a more customer friendly way!!!! there outfits can look abit tacky when you see them and they are VERY VERY OVERLLY PRICED.
    come on silons get a grip of it otherwise the reputation u have built will shatter!!! i shop in alot of other places and in comparison u have dropped tremendously, ur big fall is on the mess upstairs. your outfits are all scattered on the tables and its a huge mess, people pay good money for ur stuff which aint even worth it. respect your outfits coz we as customers notice that... i do hope you take on board our comments and rectify most if not all your mistakes..

  14. Silons is really good. I went past their shop yesterday on Soho road. I was impressed with the layout of the inside. On the other hand, these Asian Wedding Show pictures are marvellous! The costumes, saree's lengha's are amazing, your models look very beautiful. Keep up the great work! I would love to check out your website. :)

  15. Silons is the worst shop ever, i have had the worst experience ever with them. i do agree that they do have good stuff but theydon't have the right set of skills to deal with customers, well atleast not when ur order is messed. i do undrstand that all shops have there pro's and con's but it's how the con's are dealt with. me and my sisters ordered 6 outfits and all of them were messed up as i threatened them with trading standards they couldn't give a crap as they have all the money upfront. The owners were very rude and ignored us as we were making an official complaint. Just want to warn every1 to be extremely careful as i have had the worst experience ever.

  16. Just picked Up my bridal lehenga ordered from Silons , the outfit was beautiful everyone at the wedding complimented on how stunning it looked , it was beautifully made and the fitting was spot on , this was our second from Silons , we had our sister outfit from them few year back, and must say they have kept up their standard . It was a wonderful experience from selecting the colours ,design and right upto final fitting , staff were very helpful too . Many thanks for making my day special Rehana

  17. I went to Silons to get my Bridal outfit, I can safely say that the service was outstanding! Each member of staff is well trained and had the knowledge skills to cater for my needs. When I saw the outfit I wanted, I tried it on and the measurements for adjustments were taken straight away. My outfit went away to be adjusted and came back within a reasonable time frame. Some further adjustments needed to be made and these were done the same day. I traveled 360 miles to get to Silons and found it was well worth the journey. I just want to thank all the staff for their hard efforts and for going put of their way to help me. :)

  18. i am getting married next year, and i have started hunting around for my bridal lengha a year in advance. went to silons- awful service. my price range was £1000-2000, and the assistant was so hesitant to show me selections of outfits. this is the most important day of my life and naturally i want to look stunning! the assitant said 'i cant show you many designs' - she gave me the impression that i couldnt afford to by the higher range outfits, so was reluctant- poor service. she showed me a poxy 2 outfits! 2 !!!! they werent event that busy. they said if you buy it now we will give you a decent price- i tried to explain this was the first outfit i had seen and i neeed to see more, i was not prepared to committ to this. left the shop- wont be back.

  19. I went to Silons, like a previous customer said the sarees were just left lying on tables upstairs, I liked this net blue one, when I got closer to it, It was all crushed so many creases put me right off, yet they were saying to me that it only came into the shop yesterday, who wants to pay £350+ for a saree that has been crushed under a pile of other heavey sarees

  20. I am a student doing a fashion degree at University and I really admire the Asian fashion very much. To persue my interest further in Asian fashion, I contacted Silons to ask them a little more about it to assist me in my coursework. When I visited, the staff were very helpful and welcoming and spared some of their time to tell me briefly about the designs and what they do at the shop. They allowed me to make some sketches of my favouritre designs. Overal, they were very helpful and I had a well worth visit. Not many shops would have spared their time and effort, so I am very grateful, many thanx to Silons!!


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