Thursday, 3 January 2008

A reader's opinion of Asian Fashion Blog!

[This post was originally posted on 12th June 2008, but has now been archived]

Asian Fashion Blog actively encourages opinions and discussions, whether it's via comments on the posts or via emails to me directly. Here's a recent email I received from a fashion "expert" which I thought I would share you and also post my response:

Dear fashion spectator

I came across your blog today and to be quite honest I’m thoroughly disappointed by the fact that someone as clueless as you as has decided to become a self styled critic of the Asian fashion industry. Given that you clearly demonstrate no knowledge of what’s actually fashionable or of the trends relating to fabrics, cuts and embroideries in Asian fashion, I find it difficult to see what purpose your blog serves. Perhaps you’re aiming to educate the equally 'simple' women who believe they know what they’re talking about simply because they can distinguish the colour of one sari from another. To even place yourself on the pedestal of the fashion spectator I believe you need to understand the industry, trends and the garments themselves on a much deeper level. You are simply an insult to people who struggle for years on end to establish their brands and boutiques in this limited and fiercely competitive market only for you to launch nonconstructive criticism their way - although, notably, at your expense. Also, in case you have difficulty grasping what it is that fashion houses actually contribute to fashion shows then it is simply garments. Choreography, selection and dressing of the models are entirely the responsibility of the coordinators of the show, therefore ridiculing outfits on this basis is rather pathetic. I think you need to reassess your amateur style and think of the legal issues concerned with your activities including defamation and copyright in the shows/photographs before continuing. If you’d like a personal consultation relating to basic knowledge of Asian fashion, I may be able to point you in the right direction.


a much disgusted spectator of your unfashionable blog.

In my opinion it reads pretty harsh, but it covers a lot of points which I would like to publicly answer.

1) I clearly state I am NOT an expert on fashion, I'm just a normal person with an inquisitive eye and some strong opinions.

2) I admit that I know very little about fabrics/cuts/embroideries, but you don't necessarily need to know about ANY of these things to form an opinion on what looks good and what doesn't.

3) The purpose of this blog is to report on and comment on what's happening in asian fashion at the moment. There are hundreds of fashion blogs all over the internet which do the same - post catwalk pictures and comments for others to see. Perhaps you're unfamiliar with the whole concept of blogging, if that is the case there's a nice little article on Wikipedia all abour blogging which you can read here.

4) I understand that a lot of elements go into putting together a fashion show and the clothes are only one part of that, but realistically the clothes are the main reason people attend fashion shows. A badly presented show can reflect badly on a designer and that's something worth writing about!

5) I have nothing against the people who have worked hard to establish their brands and boutiques, but I think you are insulting them by suggesting my comments and opinions written on this blog could be damaging to their hard work.

6) The style of this blog may seem amateur, and in fact you are correct - I'm not a journalist, I'm not an industry insider and as I've already stated I'm certainly not an expert! I don't claim to be any of these things and perhaps the reason why people visit this blog is because I write in an unpretentious and "amateur" style.

7) With regards to any legal issues which may arise, I can confirm that all the catwalk show photos displayed on this blog have either been taken by myself or are used with permission from the photographers.

Finally, I'd like to say to you as a fashion "expert" (and other fashion experts out there) please feel free to educate me in any way you feel would be beneficial to me and my blog visitors. Although before you do, please could you be so kind as to share your own fashion credentials with us so I can verify the source of your wisdom.

Thanks for the feedback :)


  1. I must admit that I partly agree with the person who emailed you. Although I do not expect you to be a fashion expert, I also, find it hard to understand what the purpose of your blog is. Sometimes it's about hennah, sometimes fashion, sometimes magazines and sometimes it's dead for weeks and you are pretty bad at updating.

    While there is no rule that you have to stick to one subject, you still need to have a "nisch" in order to have structure in this blog.

    But I really like the fact you posted this email publicily and you are open for discussion. Perhaps that is the reason I have a newfound respect and will keep reading this blog until you stop writing.

    - Sonam

  2. God bless you for writing this email i was waiting for somebody to do it..

  3. That email echo my thoughts

  4. I have to write something in response to the people who have been criticising this blog.

    If I wanted to read industry expert opinions on fashions, I would pick up Vogue or Asiana. What is lacking in the media is often real people's opinion of clothes, and tips that the average woman can use. Fashion editorials and shows are often showcasing extreme art; designs which are intrinsically outlandish to justify the price tag, but are unwearable in the normal world. There is also a bias for magazines to 'recommend' advertisers' designs.

    I come to the Asian Fashion Blog to view unbiased opinions of a real person who I believe has great natural taste in asian clothes. If you want an 'expert' to comment on fashion, set up your own websites. But I choose to read this one, and the fashion spectator has the right to say her views - it's called freedom of expression.

  5. sonam - thanks for the feedback, I know it might seem like the topics of the blog posts aren't very focused, but I believe things like henna, beauty, asian magazines etc. are all related to asian fashion.
    I probably should update more often but like most other bloggers this is something I do as a hobby in my spare time and sometimes my other responsibilities take priority.

    inspired & sara - thanks for your feedback. I can recommend some other publications/sites if you're after expert opinions on asian fashion. Just drop me an email :)

    Blondita - thanks for your support on this issue :)

  6. LOL! I take it this email was from a grumpy fashion designer who's struggling to get their big break?!

    First of all, i would suggest to the complainer to "spectator".
    By definition it means: "a person who looks on or watches; onlooker; observer".
    Henceworth, in no what way has the fashion [spectator] claimed that she is an "expert".

    I think there's nothing wrong with the blog, it's great imo! I agree-it's unbiased, and that's a great thing! Plus, there's no cost issue involved in reading this blog-if ya dont like it, simply dont spend your time reading it to simply find faults..

    Anyways, some of us can't make it to fashion shows, so i really do appreciate the fact that the fashion spectator is bringing it to us!
    Keeping doing ya thing!

  7. Hey! I read your blog on a regular basis and really enjoy it.

    I would like to add that no one is forced to read a blog. If you don't like it, don't read it.

  8. I visit your blog regularly and
    enjoy it because it is light hearted reading and full of lovely pictures. It's always nice to read ordinary people's outlook on fashion without the added worry that some expert is out to promote their product.
    I also visit other sites through the links in your blog which I would not normally do.
    Well done and I look forward to your next article

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  10. I have a seen ur work its realy appreciated.its very beneficial for me.its full of filled with information.


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