Thursday, 26 June 2008

Henna Magazine - a review of the newly launched magazine for asian women

Way back in February, I posted information about a new asian magazine that was looking for models. Today that magazine, Henna, launched and I picked up my copy straight away so I could have a browse and see if it's worth it's £4.50 cover price!

Front Cover
Henna's tagline is "the stylish magazine for the glamorous asian woman of today".
They went for a close-up beauty shot on the cover with a dark background. I think the dark background definitely sets Henna apart from it's biggest rival - Asiana Magazine, who went with a very light/floral/summery front cover with their latest issue.

Fashion Articles
For all the hardcore fashionistas out there, Henna has pages and pages of catwalk couture pictures from the likes of Neeta Lulla, Shatanu & Nikhil, Rohit Bal and Manish Arora, as well as editorials featuring designs by Sobia Nazir.

Beauty-wise the one article that caught my eye was the home-made beauty recipes by Monisha Bharadwaj...not only are these beauty recipes good for your skin, some of them look good enough to eat!
I really liked the make-up on the editorials, there's hardly any safe natural make-up looks - it's all dramatic, funky and totally glamourous.

All the Rest
So I've covered the fashion and the beauty, what else is there to Henna? Quite a lot actually! Including:
- Model Speak
- Books
- Music
- Movies
- Bollywood
- Recipes (food recipes this time)
- Travel
- Editorials/Opinions

Other notable features
Competitions! I love competitions, compared to their mainstream counterparts I think asian magazines don't give away enough free stuff. Henna are giving their readers the chance to win "a dream wedding worth £25,000".

Henna is definitely different to the other asian mags out there at the moment, and not just in the way it looks. I actually found navigating my way through a bit strange because I'm so used to the format of the magazines I usually read. Plus, I ignored the contents and dived straight in. Is there a specific formula for the order of what goes where in a magazine?
Either way there's so much to this magazine and the Henna team have obviously worked really hard to make their first issue special and original.

The official Henna website has a more in depth preview of the mag if you want to browse before you buy. Let me know what you think!!


  1. I was one of the lucky ones to make the launch. It's looking very good. Definitely a lot of support - Raghav, Rishi Rich and a lot of celebs had a lot of nice things to say!

  2. It seems really it available internationally?

  3. I was looking for this great magazine in the biggest magizine-store in cologne, but they don´t have it. they told me that they are able to order it, but the price would be very high:(

  4. Cause this magazine is new it's only available in the UK at the moment I think - also this first issue is a "limited edition" with only a certain amount being printed. Why don't you contact them directly via their website to enquire about getting a copy in your country :)

  5. guys, if you want to see the video of the launch then log onto

  6. I am new on your blog but i am so much impressed with information about asian fashion magazine you have provided. :) Keep posting dear... I highly appriciate it :0

  7. i hated it! editorial was shockingly poor (i picked out numerous flaws) and it was trying too hard. Doesnt have the style of asiana or asian woman im afraid! some well written articles though - however the style and layout are letting the authors down!


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