Friday, 6 June 2008

New online magazine - Flair Now

There seem to be a lot of new magazines for asian women launching this year, all promising to be unique and bring something different. I can't wait for the likes of Henna Magazine and Fusian to launch so I can rate or slate them...but who knows how long it'll be before they arrive in the shops!

It's just as well that there's an online alternative in the newly launched Flair Magazine. Yes, you read correctly it's an online magazine meaning it's absolutley free to view at the click of a mouse!

Although not strictly just for the asian market, Flair Magazine features a lot of ethnic models, make-up artists and photographers. The slick navigation (designed by Pixelplaya) takes about 5 seconds to figure out, and then you can easily browse the articles and editorials on offer.
As with all magazines there are adverts, and with Flair these come in form of the occassional pop-up ad, however they're not the annoying kind of pop-ups, they're built into the flash of the site and it's a no brainer to press "skip ad" to carry on reading the article. If you do click on the ads though, they open in a new window so you won't lose where you're up to in the mag :)

Overall it's not a massive chunky magazine, the articles are short and snappy and in my opinion Flair Magazine makes for a good quick read, so go and check it out and let me know your thoughts!!


  1. Henna Magazine will be out this month (June 27th) - you can pick up a copy from WHSmith.

  2. Good luck to Henna.

    However, Flair Now, is out already.

    Please view it.

    I think its amazing and so refreshing.

    What a cool name too - Flair Now!!!

    I really love it!

  3. sounds god. Can we get it in Pakistan too?

  4. yes......

    please go to:

  5. hi just heard about your new amodel and would love to be in one of your magazines how would i send you a picture.then you could tell me if i have a chance.k

  6. ‘Online Magazines' or ‘E-Zines’ seems to be the thing of today and the good old traditional hard-back copy of magazines' are now being put into the past. That’s a shame really. I took one look at this magazine and thought ‘wow it’s pretty cool’, however going on from the adverts it can be quite annoying and you have to wait until the page loads most of the time. The content is bland and there isn't much stuff on there. Maybe it’s cause it's a brand new magazine and you’re still trying to find employers? I'm a freelancer by the way so I’m up for a challenge if you’re searching? The sub-titles have no meaning behind them; they're like desperate names for titles you couldn't come up with. Unless it’s like a hidden meaning for ‘Flair Now’ who knows? Other than that I think you’ve still got a lot of competition to face in the future of 'E-Zines'. Good Luck!


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