Sunday, 6 July 2008

Monochrome ideas from the Samar Mehdi 2008 Summer Collection

When most people think of spring/summer fashion, they think bright, bold and outrageous colours. I was browsing through some photos of Pakistani designer Samar Mehdi's Summer 2008 Collection and even though there were bright colours, it was actually the monochrome outfits that stood out to me.

The right combination of black and white can create a sophisticated summer look.
Organza Designs, a UK based stockist of the Samar Mehdi collection has kindly let me use photos from the show to share with you:

I really like these two outfits, often catwalk outfits are over the top and not very practical for everyday, but I can definitely imagine seeing these outfits out on the streets.
I think the one thing that makes these outfits look that extra bit special is the detailing on the fabric, such as the stripes on the trousers in the first pic and the ruffling on the top in the second pic - they stop the outfits from looking like flat blocks of colour.

These two outfits use layering to create a more floaty monochrome look.

The collection also included some eveningwear:

What do you think? Will you be putting together some monochrome outfits this summer?

For more info on the designs shown above, visit the Organza Designs facebook group. They stock other Indian and Pakistani designers and are hosting a fashion event on Sunday 17th August in London click here for more details.


  1. beautiful clothes. any new collections for fall?

  2. Lovely, wit a touch of retro. Would not hurt to apply some colour, just a touch.


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