Friday, 12 September 2008

Different ways to accessorise: Wear your necklace in your hair!

No party look is complete without a matching hair accessory, you can get them everywhere even the high street shops like Claire's Accessories have feathered fascinators and jewelled hair slides. If you're trying to match your hair accessory to an asian outfit then it's often difficult to find the right coloured accessory. The cheaper, more affordable, hair accessories tend to only come in basic colours and you might end up settling for something which doesn't quite match.

Here's an idea for you, wear a necklace in your hair! It may sound like a crazy idea, but if worn correctly a necklace can complete your look in a subtle way.

Not sure what I mean? Well here are two examples I came across:

wearing your necklace across your forehead:

Wearing it to the side:

Ok so it looks fine on the models in the magazines, but how do you get away with it in real life?? Personally I've not tried this yet, but having thought very carefully about it, I came up with the following points to consider before trying this out!

Points to consider

1) The necklace itself.
You can't just go and stick any old necklace in your hair, even if it matches in colour perfectly! Is it going to rip half of your hair out with it when you're finished? For example, a choker would be a bad necklace for your hair: this choker would look beautiful on your neck but not so good in your hair! This delicate necklace would probably do the trick, simple but the beads make it striking.

2) Where to wear
Do you want it on your forehead? Or perhaps on the side of your hair? Howabout on the top of your head worn like a tiara?

3) Technical details - how to keep it in place
Use hair grips that match your hair colour to hold it in place, and if you're rubbish at styling your own hair (like me) get someone else to help.

4) YOU
It's all about you and your own look, got delicate features? Then don't go for something too big and striking - it'll drown you. Short hair? long hair? hair up? hair down? Are you wearing a necklace on your neck too? How big are your earrings?

I don't think there is a general formular for this, after all necklaces weren't made to be worn in your hair, but you never know it could look fabulous, so give it a try and let me know the results!!!

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