Sunday, 19 October 2008

Asiana Magazine Week mini catwalk show

I managed to find some snaps of the Asiana "magazine week" catwalk show that was held in Borders bookstore last month, and the photographer Nardip Singh has very kindly let me post some of them here (you can see some more on the Nardip Singh photography facebook group).

This free fashion show featured designs by Rina Dhaka and Vinita Pittie (both of which are available in the UK from the stockist Maaha) with hair, make-up and henna being provided by Joshiv Beauty.

Here are 3 of my favourite outfits from the show:

I really like the richness in the colours of these outfits. Sometimes with such bold colours it's difficult to add details without making it look too over the top, but I think the designer has reached the right balance to make these outfits stand out for the right reasons.

I thought I'd include a shot of Joshiv, from Joshiv Beauty doing a mehndi design. Joshiv advertises her services very heavily in Asiana magazine so I suppose it made for a perfect collaboration on this show. Did you notice the first two models were wearing necklaces in their hair? :)


  1. The first thing that I have noticed is the design is a bit similar to the Japanese Anime dress, but the dress in the picture with the lady model looks much nicer. And I'm sure my friend will like them too because of their stylish colors

  2. I really like the orange one. I am such a sucker for orange and pink combo. Though its been done over and over again , I still continue to like it :)

  3. its refreshing to see such bold colours as the nights draw in and summer becomes a distant memory!
    these outfits are beautiful and your right, the detail stands out for the right reasons.

  4. they're cute !!!

  5. strangely i liked the bold orange outfit out of the 3!!


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