Thursday, 9 October 2008

Manish Arora teams up with MAC

I'm signed up to the MAC mailing list and when this email landed in my inbox I just knew I had to post it on here!

Indian designer Manish Arora has a limited edition of MAC cosmetics now available in the UK from the MAC website and Harrods in London. I'm not sure about availability worldwide, but all products are sold out on the US MAC site.

The collection consists of 4 items - an eyeshadow compact, lipstick (2 colours available), lipgloss (2 colours available) and powder blush (again 2 available in 2 colours).

I've not seen these in person, and I'm not taking the colours of the make-up itself into consideration when I say this, but from the pictures/packaging this limited edition set just doesn't appeal to me. When you buy premium make-up, most of your cash goes on the packaging and I don't like this packaging - I know it's supposed to have an "indian" look cause the collection is in collaboration with an Indian designer but I think this looks a bit cheap! Maybe it's different in person??

Check out the MAC website for more info.

What do you think? Would you be proud to pull one of these out of your handbag?

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  1. hmm now you mention it, it does look kinda cheap!


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