Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Mela at the Mall fashion show

Photographer Shahid Malik recently posted some photos from the Mela at the Mall fashion show (held in Ilford Exchange shopping centre) to his facebook page.
The show featured outfits by Mongas, Rang and RDC. Here's a selection of photos from the show:

RDC showcased some anarkali style churidar suits, which just goes to show this trend isn't dead yet! The pieces they had on the catwalk were in more subtle autumn shades compared to the bright colours worn in the summer.

Rang had some brighter colours on show, including this lightly embroidered blue outfit:

I'm loving the colour combination on this green dress below, but not sure I like the bottom of the dress where it flares out. If you got rid of the puffy-out part of this outfit, it would make a great mini-dress!

Mongas had these genie-style outfits on the catwalk for their section of the show. They look fun, but I can't quite imagine wearing something like this to a party or event! Have you ever worn one of these?

Mongas did have some long flowing skirt suits too though :)

Check out the Shahid Malik facebook group for more of Shahid's photo shoots.


  1. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog via Desi Fashion Police :)

    I remember having an outfit with the genie/Turkish shalwar as a kid, and I loved it. In fact, a friend of mine is getting one made for me in Pakistan. The kameez will be sort of Grecian, so it'll be an interesting fusion of cultural styles. Fingers crossed that it comes out nice!

  2. agree with you on the green outfit - its like a car crash what teh hell is going on with the bottom half of the outfit.

    the top part is really nice and then it feels like the designer couldnt be bothered with the bottom half...dissapointing


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