Thursday 31 December 2009

Clothes Show Live 2009 - Ziggi Studio and Mimi Boutique

Another part of the asian fashion segment at the Clothes Show Live 2009 in Birmingham was a collaboration by menswear designer Ziggi Studio and womenswear designer Mimi Boutique. Photos are by Hiten Ondhia.

I really like the unique-ness of this outfit by Mimi, in fact there was something different about all the ladieswear outfits, there was nothing usual about the collection.

The menswear by Ziggi Studio was teamed up with jeans in some instances showing a real versatility to the jackets.

Videos of the show can be seen here.

Ziggi Studio will be showcasing a wider range of their collection at the 2010 Asiana Bridal Shows taking place in Birmingham and London so look out for more coverage of them on here soon!

Clothes Show Live 2009 - Kiran Khan collection

The Clothes Show Live hit Birmingham at the start of December this year, full of fashion fashion and more fashion! Amongst all the catwalk shows they had a segment which covered asian fashion and Kiran Khan was one of the designers whose collection was on show.
Photos are courtesy of Hiten Ondhia from Cupid Studio

The show started with 4 churidar suits worn with leggings:

Up next were these outfits which a bit more dressier, can't say I'd wear any of the first 3 but I like the last outfit:

If you want to see how the outfits move, high quality videos of the show have been posted on youtube, click here to take a look.

Sunday 27 December 2009

Satya Paul and Deepika Gehani "Maya" Collection

At the start of November a PR company got in touch with me to tell me about an upcoming fashion event in London to showcase the latest Satya Paul and Deepika Gehani collection entitled "Maya". Here's the official line on the show:

Maya is illusion. The inspiration behind the Maya collection is this 'illusory' world. This illusory life is portrayed by the use of colors on the fabric as if refracted through a prism.

Maya is all about color! It is Satya Paul’s way to court glamour and fantasy in the form of colorful patterns on saris and garments. With a deft, use of pattern and color, a beautiful collection of easy to wear pieces make up Maya… ornamental designs, layers, shadows and contrasting elements render Maya a bold graphic look.

Since its birth in 1985, the Satya Paul look is a strong interplay of patterns and colour that the New York Times has hailed as ‘works of Kinetic Art’. The label’s look is distinguished and identifiable on the street. Having re-invented the traditional sari as a modern classic, the Satya Paul product line also comprises of western clothing, including scarves, bags, men’s accessories and fabrics, as well as an entire range of classic bridal wear. Satya Paul recently launched its ‘Signature’ couture line and a diffusion line ‘Satya’ by Satya Paul.

Deepika has been creating exquisite pieces since the last decade and has focused a lot on her creations being stylish and sexy. Striking the perfect balance between feminine and glamorous, this new collection by her takes its inspiration from the Traditional Indian Saree. very much in keeping with the India revival that the world is currently seeing.

Traditional yet trendy, the collection personifies the character of the modern Indian woman who has adapted to the western lifestyle, yet is deeply rooted to her Indian culture and ethos. The Gossamer Tulle drapes are solely inspired from the cuts and silhouettes of the Saree. The dress with the skirt really close fitted around the waist and the hips and then flared at the bottom, fitted with the extension of the ‘pallu’- shoulder drapes is not only extremely flattering to the India body types, but also emphasises the Indian flavour.

Being all the way up here in Manchester, I didn't get to attend the show itself, but I found some photos which ZIGGI STUDIO have very kindly let me share with you.

As you can see, the show was dominated with these gorgeous print design saris which are perfect for making a statement without the fuss and hassle of being over-embroidered...and if you simply can't wear something without embroidery, some of the sari blouses can accomodate! The colour combinations are really striking too, you'd definitely stand out in a crowd wearing one of these.

The piece below really stood out because the blouse wasn't your usual blouse, ok so it looks like she's wearing a plain brown polo-neck top and it looked a bit strange to me at first, but then I got it - this is aimed at all the women out there who wear hijab or for whatever reason aren't comfortable showing their arms.

As well as the really bright mixed colour prints, the collection also had some monochrome looks, which I think have a slight more sophisticated look to them:

The show wasn't only about prints and saris though, they had a variety of skirt suits in some gorgeous colours:

I'm really loving these three blue/green/gold outfits. Personally, I've got too much pink, purple and red in my wardrobe and could do with an injection of these colours!

The show ended with these traditional colours - red and gold.

The models featured in this show were from Caramel Models and the jewellery was by one of my favourites Kyles.

Saturday 28 November 2009

Rhythm of Asia Fashion Show July 2009 - Salina Wardah

Salina Wardah was another designer name showcasing their collection at the Rhythm of Asia fashion show. Nearly every piece from their catwalk show oozed glamour! Photos from the show are courtesy of Shahid Malik.

Again there were lots of ultra long tops worn with trousers. Do these outfits only look good on tall people? Either way I'm loving the flash of purple in this first outfit:

This next outfit is definitely a question mark for me, whilst I like the flowing part of the skirt, overall it doesn't create a very flattering shape. What do you think?

These next two outfits are probably my favourites. The red and black outfit looks very chic and when styled as shown with the red dupatta it gives it that wow impact. The silver and pink outfit it just pure glamour! From the detail on the top to the ruched effect of the pajama, this is something I'd want to wear to a party.

The show ended with more full-on party/wedding guest outfits. All very beautiful, but I was a little disappointed with the final bridal outfit, what do you think?

Rhythm of Asia Fashion Show July 2009 - Nadda Salim

The Rhythm of Asia Fashion show took place in July this year, in London. It showcased designs by Pakistani designer, first up is the collection by Nadda Salim. Photography is by Shahid Malik.

The show was dominated by longer (sometimes below the knee) tops worn with shorter trousers. There was also a lot of shiny blue on show:

There were also some less sparkly and more understated black outfits. I'm ok with the first two below but not a big fan of the patterned design on the last black outfit!

The majority of the outfits were sleeveless, but there was one striking pink outfit with full sleeves, and all the rest were pretty much the same as before but in different colours!

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