Saturday, 10 January 2009

Back for 2009 - focus on kidswear!

Happy New Year! Apologies for the lack of updates at the end of last year. I'm back now, just in time for all the wedding shows and new collections :)

But before we get back into bridalwear all over again, let's talk kidswear! I recently became an aunty for the first time and I have to say my brand new neice is so cute! It got me thinking about what was out there fashion-wise for kids, especially with all the upcoming weddings that we will be attending. The easy option is to stick on a western outfit, for example check out the "partywear" sections for children in Monsoon.

However if you're looking for asian outfits for kids, most shops will stock whatever is in fashion for men and women, as mini-versions for children, but there are a few retailers out there who specialise is just childrenswear, such as Rajas and Ranis and

These outfits are from Rajas and Ranis:

With childrenswear you can have a lot more creativity with regards to colours, fabrics and styling (I really can't wait for my lil neice to be old enough to play dress up!) although expense is an issue and some of the beautiful childrens' outfits you find are a bit expensive when you consider that they're only going to be worn a few times before they're grown out of, and the fact that kids are kids and they'll probably run around and trash the clothes anyway!

Here's a question for those of you with kids of your own, or those with nephews and neices - where do you get their party/wedding clothes from? Is it better to have them sewn from scratch? or to buy something ready-made from the shops?


  1. We usaully get it from monsoon, debhanems or some place asian like pakistan or southall

    glad ur updating again! please update more often when your free :) i need some ideas for party suits lol!

  2. The Rajas & Ranis outfits are adorable! I have been on their website and there are some really nice things, wish they did them in adults sizes!

  3. I have tried most of the shops here but can't seem to find anything suitable for my 4 year old. Was thinking of buying fabric and getting a designer to make the lehengas instead. Any ideas anyone? thank you!

  4. have got some fab stuff for kids and their prices are reasonable for designer outfits too! i brought my daughter a gorgous lengha and everybody asked where she got it.


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