Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Party hairstyles - something a bit different

With the wedding season coming up, I've been on the lookout for some fab hairstyles to try out...I'm actually a bit rubbish when it comes to styling my own hair, but if the occassion calls for it I'll go to the hairdressers and have it styled.

Anyway, the following were posted on facebook by a salon in Birmingham called Asif Yvette.

What do you think? I think some of these look a little bit too catwalk, but if you based a hairstyle on any of these you could tone them down for the real world :) I like that they're different from the usual up do's that everyone has, and even on the 3rd photo which looks really frizzy and a bit of a nightmare, I think it's a cool way to wear your hair down without automatically reaching for the straighteners!

Out of them all I like the last look best, I think it's the one that most people could get away with wearing!

Along with these pics, some photos from "behind the scenes" of the photoshoot were also posted on facebook, check out the stylists deciding which hair accessory to use:

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  1. Photography by Richard Miles


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