Saturday 21 February 2009

A few more from the Asian Bride Show 2009

Photographer Shahid Malik has forwarded me some more photos from the Asian Bride Show 2009 in London. The first outfits I saw from the catwalk show at this event were a bit typical and dare I say it boring (click here to view the post if you missed it).
Anyways, this next lot of outfits from the show are a lot more interesting:

To start off, here are some blue outfits:

I really like the gharara in this last photo, I've started to see these a lot more in the magazines and at some of the other shows.

The show also had some registry outfits:

These both really show the difference having a separate skirt and top can make compared to wearing a dress!

I'm not usually a big fan of the traditional red lehnga, but I like this one because of the detailing in the embroidery - it's not just the same design all over.

With this combination, I like the guy is wearing a lot more than the girl. It might just be the styling but she looks a bit too thin which doesn't really make the outfit look good. The next outfit flatters the same model a bit better:

I really like the cut-out detail on these saris

That's all from the the Asian Bride Show. What did you think? These outfits showed a lot more variety compared to the first photos I posted. My favourites would have to be the blue outfits (that's probably why I posted them first!)

Sunday 1 February 2009

The Asian Bride Show 2009 - London

This year's Asian Bride Show in London was held at Wembley Stadium on the 24th and 25th January.

The exhibition was put together by the people behind Asian Woman and Asian Bride magazine. Although I didn't attend the London Show, I managed to find some photos from the catwalk, coutesy of Asif Yvette Hair who did the hairstyling for the models.
The catwalk show featured the following: Zaryan, Fabric Centre, Huseena Haute Couture, Krishna Sarees, Anisa Shoes and Asian Glitz. All I've got is a lot of photos, so if anyone attended the exhibition and remembers which outfits were by which designers - leave a comment and let us know!!

We'll start with the bridal and lengha outfits:

To me I don't see anything innovative or special about any of these outfits. They're all the typical bridal colours and styles. I bet I'm not the only one who's seen outfits practically the same as this elsewhere many many times. I'm not saying there's anything bad about them, I think I'm just used to seeing something that little bit different on the catwalk.

Now these two outfits made me sit up a little bit. Firstly I love the colour combination of the first one, I think hot pink and purple go really well together although the embroidery looks a bit too full on.
The second outfit has the cutouts on the shoulders which I think look really good.

Next up, some party or wedding guest outfits. I'm pretty sure these outfits are from Huseean Haute Couture:

I like all 3 of these outfits, although I wouldn't show off my legs like in the first photo!!

Finally, here are some saris from the show:

That's all I managed to find from the catwalk...
Credit for all the photos in this post goes to Asif Yvette Hair, also check out the Asif Yvette Facebook group

I was due to attend the Manchester Asian Bride Show this weekend, however it got cancelled "due to unforseen circumstances" :(

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