Sunday 29 March 2009

Last few photos from the Asiana Wedding Show Birmingham 2009

I know it was nearly a month ago that I posted the first set of photos from the Asiana Wedding show, so apologies for not updating and getting these up sooner! I'm not 100% sure on the designers of all of these, but the latest issue of Asiana Magazine (Spring 2009) has a feature on their wedding exhibition catwalk shows.

I keep seeing hints of velvet in a lot of outfits lately. It looks good in some cases, but to me it seems like more of a winter fabric as it can be quite heavy. I guess we hardly get a summer in the uk so maybe velvet-y fabrics are the way to go this season!

What do you think of these two white outfits? I think unusual outfits like these are a bit of risk, but they're a sure-fire way to stand out at an event! I was at an event today and one of the other guests was wearing a skirt which had loads of additional fabric to plump it wasn't really that pretty in my opinion, but I have to give her props for wearing something different :)

I stuck this last picture in cause it made me laugh! I guess the shoe advertisers weren't content to just have their shoes displayed on the models feet, they wanted more coverage!

That's all from the Asiana Wedding shows this year, as I mentioned before, the Spring 2009 issue of Asiana Magazine has a report from the catwalk shows.

Monday 2 March 2009

Asiana Bridal Show 2009 in Birmingham. Seasons India Collection

Here are a few more from the Birmingham Asiana Bridal Show 2009 in Birmingham, credit for these photos goes to Shiraz Saeed.

The Seasons India collection was colourful and interesting as usual, they didn't stick to one theme and showed a variety of outfits:

Although you can't see a lot of the fine detailing in these catwalk photos, Seasons are one of the few designers who have a regularly updated website! So here are some of the photoshoot versions of the outfits above taken from the Seasons India website.

As you can see the outfits look a lot different due to the way they've been styled, and in these photos you can see some of the details which are missed out on the catwalk photos, such as the embroidery on the tops.
Whenever I've seen any of the Seasons outfits up close, the one thing that makes them stand out for me is the boldness of the designs, the colour combinations and heavy embroidery...up close when you see a rack full of Seasons outfits you almost want to step away cause it hurts your eyes!! but individually I think each piece looks beautiful.

Has anyone ordered from Seasons? They don't have an actual shop of their own in the uk, although you can order from their website and I'm pretty sure I've seen their designs in other shops. If I ever decide to take the chance and order from their website, I'll be sure to post a review of the process here!

Sunday 1 March 2009

Asiana Bridal Show 2009 in Birmingham. Khushboo collection.

I finally managed to get hold of some catwalk photos from the Asiana Bridal Show 2009 which took place in Birmingham at the Hilton Metropole on the 1st Feb this year. A big thanks to Shiraz Saeed for letting me use his photos.

Here are some of the outfits from the Khushboo collection.

The show included these white and gold churidar suits, accessorised with flower pomanders. I think these outfits look very beautiful, and the long sleeves are good for those ladies that don't want to show off their arms.

More gold outfits followed, again accessorised with flowers. I like the shape of the skirt on the first outfit above, and the way the netting underneath is exposed as part of the design.
I like the incorporation of green with the gold in the second outfit, if you click on the image to look closer, the skirt and the top don't even have any green on them and it's only the duppata which is green.

That's all from the Khushboo collection, look out for my next few posts which will have more photos from the runway show at the Birmingham Asiana Bridal Show 2009.

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