Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Rupali at the Manchester Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition

Rupali were next up on the catwalk at the Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion exhibition in Manchester. They have 3 stores in the UK, in Bolton, Leicester and London and also have a mail order and online store.

Their outfits came out in 3's and to entertain the audience a little they got the models to do a little dance too, I've posted a youtube video link at the bottom just in case you want to see what the outfits look like in motion :)

Firstly there was this trio of reds and greens. None of these outfits really stand out to me, maybe if they had each been shown on their own they might have had more impact, but too much red all in one place

I like the blue/grey suit best out of these 3. It's not a typical colour and you could almost go as far as calling it a "dull" colour but the gold embroidery gives it that sparkle.
The other blue suit is nothing we haven't all seen before, and the pink suit is pretty in a sickly-sweet kind of way but to be honest I'm a bit over pink suits at the moment!

What do you think of these two long dresses? I'm not entirely convinced, maybe it's because your most typical asian outfits come in 2 (or more) pieces that these 1-piece outfits look a bit unusual. Or it could be that these dresses aren't fitted perfectly to the models?

That was all from Rupali, you can visit their website here although I couldn't find any outfits from the show on their site so they evidently have more stock in store!

Also check out the video of the Rupali show from youtube.

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