Saturday, 25 April 2009

Style Rooms collection at the Asian Lifestyle Wedding & Fashion Exhibition Manchester 2009

The Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition took place in Manchester at the end of February. I attended the event, which I have to say wasn't anywhere as glamourous and glitzy as some of the other wedding and fashion exhibitions I've attended (namely the Asiana Magazine shows) but nonetheless it was a good chance to check out what the northwest has to offer in the way of fashion and bridal services.

I of course got myself into a prime position for the catwalk show so without further ado let's start with the collection from Style Rooms.

Style Rooms are based in Peston, I've never actually visited their store, so can't point anyone in their direction and surprise surprise they don't have a website either! If anyone has their actual location or contact details feel free to post in the "comments" section at the end.

The collection was dominated by pinks. Of these outfits above, I think the first was a bit too heavily embroidered, it almost looks like it's weighing the model down. The second outfit has that balance of being embroidered all over but having a more light-weight feel.
I'm not entirely sure what to make of the third outfit, it would be good to have seen the way the skirt falls naturally as I can't imagine someone in real life walking around holding their skirt up like that!
Finally, there was a churidar suit, these are still very much being worn. I've never been a fan of long sleeves, but the sheer sleeves on this outfit fit in with the sheer cut-out at the back (which I didn't manage to get a photo of!).

The collection also showcased some menswear. None of the mens outfits really stand out to me, but if you need to buy some menswear while you're out shopping for yourself then they have it!

By far my favourite of the show was this red hot outfit:

It really stood out compared to the pinks and pastels on the catwalk. I like how it's so simple with only a band of embroidery in the middle, and the bolero jacket looks fab and makes the outfit quite versatile in terms of switching between sleeveless and covering up.


  1. Which other companies were at this exhibition. Is this the one that was at the GMex. I went to that. Bombay stores had a really wicked stand. have u got any pictures of that

  2. The first one is a gorgeous design! but definitely needs to me toned big time!!..i couldnt see that lengha ever being worn again even at someone else's wedding as guests would confuse that girl wearing that dress with being the bride!

    Have to say that Style rooms didnt really put effort into their catwalk i.e. providing fitted clothes to models. Most if not all look baggy on the models and out of place.

  3. I also liked the red outfit the most! i think it went with the models skin and hair colour and shape quite well. thanks for your review.

  4. Yep this was the exhibition at GMEX or "manchester central" as it's now called. I will be posting photos from the other exhibitors from the catwalk show: Rupali, Parineeta, Anjalis Boutique, Sai Fashions and Alankar House of Sarees

  5. Hey! I have a question, how could I get involved in being in one of those fashion shows?

  6. DOes anyone know the name of the model in red please?

  7. Aidas...

    I do not agree with the comments left. I myself went to the Asian lifestyle & fashion exhibition and was impressed with the whole event. A must for all fashion lovers.

    However regarding a comment left for "heavily embroidered clothes, is that not what fashion shows are all about?"

    Well done to the ASR Events Team. I look forward to the exhibition in 2010.

  8. Style Rooms have a fantastic range of outfits, i have recently orderd both my wedding ones from ther and most certainly very happy with both.
    Address is 269 Ribbleton Lane, Preston, PR1 5ED
    01772 703706


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