Thursday, 14 May 2009

Parineeta at the Manchester Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition

The collection from Manchester-based Parineeta was up next on the catwalk at the Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion show:

They started off with some menswear...and masks! Both these outfits are quite heavily embroidered all over, I much prefer the gold suit to the red one.

They then had some churidar suits including the traditional style full-sleeved red and blue suit above, and the more modern pink and gold suit above.
I like the contrasting combination of the red and blue, and you can just see in the photo the diamond cut-outs in the sheer sleeves.
I'm not a big fan of the pink and gold outfit! That shade of pink really doesn't appeal to me and I don't like the tutu-style border/fringing. I also think colour combination-wise, silver embroidery works much better with light shades of pink than gold does. The outfit does have some things I like about it though :) and I think the draping of sheer fabric over the top looks good, and is not something I've seen before.

Finally, Parineeta had some skirt and lengha suits. I like both of these, although I'm not entirely sure about the exposed netting at the bottom of the white outfit. Whilst I do think a bit of revealed netting can look good in some place (for example in this outfit), on the white suit above it just doesn't look right to me.

That was all from Parineeta, they had a few other outfits on the catwalk, but thanks to the unusual posing (and probably my poor photography skills!) I didn't get any clear photos of those!

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  1. I don't think its the photography ....i thinks it the models they don't do justice to the outfit - they need to stand and walk tall with elegance...but i have to say loved reading this will hit manchester soon to get some party outfits thank you N


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