Saturday 27 June 2009

Faiza Samee collection at Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza

The Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza took place at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in London on the 18th April 2009. There were a range of Pakistani designers showing diverse collections.

Let's start with the Faiza Samee collection. There were bright colours, and a lot of beautiful floaty fabrics. If you click on each image, for a larger view, you can see all the small details that go into each outfit to create interesting shapes and avoid the cloak/poncho look.

The collection also had some darker coloured outfits, still on the floaty theme, but with slightly heavier fabrics and layering for more eveningwear type of look:

The finale of their show was this outfit, which showcased wedding wear, whilst still keeping true to the style of the collection - bright colours, floating fabrics and layering, but this time with heavier embroidery and a more fitted shape:

Overall, I really liked this collection, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable wearing the first 3 outfits in England, but stick me on a beach or in a warmer climate and I'd happily wear them out and about. Another thing that's great about these outfits is that that majoriry don't show too much skin, making them ideal for the ladies out there who want to look fashionable and feel beautiful without showing off their arms and legs.

For more info on these outfits, visit the Faiza Samee facebook page

Many thanks to Shahid Malik for the photos.

Monday 15 June 2009

Alankar House of Sarees at the Manchester Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition

Alankar House of Sarees ended the show at the Manchester Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition. They didn't show any casual suits, instead opting for a catwalk full of heavy lehngas and saris:

They too had some velvets in their collection:

The gold outfit below would have to be my favourite out of the whole show:

They also showcased some menswear:

That brings and end to the my photos from the Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition which took place in manchester earlier on this year.

Coming up I've got some pics from the Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2009 that took place in London on 18th April.

Sunday 14 June 2009

Sai Fashions at the Manchester Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition

Sai Fashions had a range of ladieswear, menswear and a few kids outfits too on display at the Manchester Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition. Their theme for the show was something along the lines of angels or don't be suprised to see a few fairy wands and tinsel halos:

These four childrens outfits started the show. I like the black outfit best, with the harem pants (or genie pants as I like to call them!) I'm actually a bit surprised there wasn't a ladieswear version of this type of suit on show from any of the designers.

What do you think of these two velvet outfits? I'm not entirely convinced, the first suit, with the purple velvet jacket looks a bit too heavy for the summer. As for the other lehnga suit, the top looks a little too plain to go with that fully embroidered skirt, I think you'd really need to accessorise with big earrings and a big necklace.

I like 2 out of the 3 outfits in this last photo...can you guess which ones?? I really don't like the sickly shiny orange and pink lehnga, it stands out for all the wrong reasons! I like the yellow churidar suit, although I'd try and get it with short sleeves :)

Saturday 13 June 2009

Anjalis Boutique at the Manchester Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition

Anjalis Boutique, another Manchester based store was up next on the catwalk at the Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition. There was something a bit different/unique about these outfits compared to all the usual outfits you see. I think the main thing that stood out was the choice of colours they had on display:

I find the two outfits above have a very "earthy/boho" kinda look to them.

I think this outfit is really pretty. The colours work well together and even though it's not one of those really bright in-your-face outfits, the use of gold adds a hint of sparkle and make this outfit shine from afar.

They had a few other outfits on show too, which were the more typical kind of suits, you can see on the youtube video of show:

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