Friday, 3 July 2009

Goal by Fozia Hammad - Pakistani Fashion Extravaganza 2009

Goal by Fozia Hammad had a collection of golden and silvery toned evening dresses on show at the Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza:

I have to say I prefered the gold/cream coloured outfits to the silver/greys. I think the embroidery works really well in the outfits below, and she has created some unusual necklines which look really elegant

Most of the designers showed what looks like it could be a bridal outfit for their last outfit of the runway, and although the type of outfit doesn't really fit with the parade of dresses shown before, it still fits in with the whole look of the could almost imagine a bride wearing this outfit and her bridesmaids in one of the dresses from above.


  1. yeah...i love the ivory designs too...very wearable!

  2. Pakistan and Indian Fashion is the best in the world, the asian designers are doing such a great job all over the world. Even americans and english buy the best ethnic wear by Pakistan and Indian designers.

  3. where to buy these stuff from other countries ?


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