Sunday, 12 July 2009

Nickie Nina close the show at the Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza

Some of the designers kept it casual for their collections, but Nickie Nina had glamour and elegance right from the very start! They started with this long purple and pink dress, which I think looks beautiful on the very tall thin model, but perhaps may not look as fabulous on us real women!

A similar style of outfit was this cream/white/gold and blue outfit which again I think looks really beautiful in these pictures, but I’m not sure how this long dress/jacket style of outfit would look on other body shapes.

There were more jackets on show and some interesting colour combinations. I like how they fuse the different colours together in the outfit to create something that has a lot of colours but doesn’t look completely ridiculous and like a mis-matched rainbow outfit!

Colours aside, I’m not really loving the long-dress outfits like the one below. Maybe it’s just the angle of the photos but I think they look a bit weird being that length with the style of trousers they’ve been paired with.

Their final outfit and bridal look was this green lehnga:


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