Thursday 29 October 2009

Manav Gangwani collection at 2009 HDIL India Fashion Week - part two

There were so many great outfits from the Manav Gangwani show at the HDIL India Fashion Week, that I just had to split it into two blog posts! If you missed the first part, you can view it here. (Credit for these photos goes to Hamara Photos)

Anyway, on with the show - there was yet more black and gold and some very unusual, some may say un-wearable skirt shapes:

I think the black cloak with this outfit looks very regal, what a great way to cover up!
The show didn't completely lack colour, they injecteda hint of green in there too:

What do you think the green veil on this last outfit?

Sunday 25 October 2009

Manav Gangwani collection at 2009 HDIL India Fashion Week - part one

Hamara Photos have posted loads of photos from this years HDIL India Fashion Week. Here's part one of a selection I'm going to share with you of the black and gold themed catwalk show from designer Manav Gangwani.

These first two look like glitzier designer versions of some of the dresses you can find on the UK high street (which all the fashionable people are wearing with leggings). I really love the look of the gold pajama in the first pics - the colour, the texture, everything!

Velvet is everywhere at the moment, including this collection. What do you think of these longer outfits? And would you wear something with a cut-out at the front like these last two?

The collection also included this menswear piece, it's not exactly revolutionary but it matches all the ladieswear and you know you like subtle co-ordination with your man's outfit can look good!

This last outfit has it all - velvet, assymetry, a sheer sleeve and lots of embroidery on top! But I think the whole look works and it's very beautiful.

I've got more pics from this collection coming up soon, so look out for them.

Thursday 22 October 2009

Up and Coming Designers - Bhavna Rishi

If you followed London Fashion Week this year you may have spotted the collection by Bhavna Rishi which was part of the Fashion Diversity show (which as the name suggests aims to show diversity on the catwalks at London Fashion Week). Her collection is composed of scarves, kaftans and tunic dresses all made with organic silks.

You can view a video of her catwalk show here.

I got in touch with Bhavna to find out a bit more about her inspirations and her background!

Originally from India, Bhavna came to realise her passion for design after she had married and started her family. She gave up her job to pursure this dream and started off in fashion by designing scarves.
As her scarves grew in popularity she started to experiment and branch out more into different fabrics and textures. She launched her own label this year.

She takes her inspiration from influences when she was growing up - embroideries, colours and at the same time she is well influenced by the women she meets. "Their feedback and opinions are priceless!"

You can find her collection in a number of boutiques in the London area, but she also takes enquiries via her website -

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Back for 2009 - Mela at the Mall Ilford

You may remember last year I posted some photos from the catwalk at theMela at the Mall Show 2008 in Ilford, which featured Mongas, Rang and RDC. Well Mela at the Mall is back for 2009 and will be taking place on Saturday 24th October at The Mall in Ilford.

Although designers for the fashion show haven't been confirmed, make-up artist Naveeda will be there doing live make-overs. Best of all, entry is free! So if you're in the area go it's worth a visit (and if you happen to take any photos of some fab fashion finds, then send them over to me and I'll post them for everyone to see!)

Here's some highlights from last years event:

Want more info on the event? Click here

Monday 5 October 2009

Blush Couture - Stylish Kurta Tops

Kurta tops, I'm sure we've all worn them at some point, whether you bought it labelled as a "kaftan" from the high street (probably costing you a small fortune) or whether you ditched the shalwar of one of your suits and just wore the kameez with jeans, you have to admit they're a fab east-west outfit.

I recently came across Blush Couture a company who are sourcing out designers in India to bring fashionable and stylish kurta tops to the UK market. Their main aim is to bring together a collection of kurta tops which are versatile and which will have a place in your wardrobe just like your favourite pair of skinny jeans - something you can wear during the day casually, dress up for a night out, or even wear to visit relatives.

I decided to find out a bit more about Blush Couture and found out that when sourcing and designing their unique collection, an eye for detail is kept for pretty designs, bold & neutral colours and fine textile fabric that complements our seasons all year round. They want to emphasise the quality in their garments and particular attention is placed on the use of the finest material like chiffon, pure georgettes and crepe silk. Their collections are embroidered from zari sequins, mirror works, pearls to stone work.

As someone who is much happier in my jeans than anything else, I have to say I agree with Blush Couture's concepts and wouldn't think twice about wearing one of their kurta tops out and about.

At the moment the Blush Couture label is available in a number of Birmingham and London boutiques but you can view some of the range online at the official Blush Couture website and there are plans for nationwide expansion.
You may also have spotted some Blush Couture outfits at the Miss Bollywood UK competition which took place in August this year, they provided a selection of outfits for the hostesses at the event and and co-sponsored and designed the winner's crown with the assistance of mumbai's jewellery designer Shaheen Abbas.

Reena Patel - The Miss Bollywood UK 2009 Winner

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