Monday, 2 November 2009

Bees - Taking Asian Costume Jewellery and Accessories Online

Few asian product retailers have fully grasped the concept of taking their instore expertise online, sure everyone's got a facebook fan page and maybe even their own website, but how many times have you googled a retailer only to find their website not only looks terrible but is extremely out of date or "under construction".

Well I'm happy to report another asian fashion jewellery retailer who has successfully made that transition and taken their collection online! Bees have been on Green Street in London for over a decade now, providing jewellery in the full colour spectrum, because not every bride wears red anymore, and because not everybody insists on wearing gold anymore!

The Bees online store launched in 2007, and although they don't stock the full range of items available in store, as a fan of the Bees shop I decided to take a closer look at their online store and see what they had in stock this season!

The website look, feel and functionality
The first thing you notice about their site is the "clean" look and feel it has to it, and this is just a personal thing but I really like that there's no annoying music playing - I hate sites which have music pre-loaded onto them (I can name you a number of asian fashion sites which have this irritating feature!).

You can browse the site by jewellery type, and they stock everything from bangles, bracelets and anklets to scarf pins and tiaras. So this is great if you already have your outfit and need to match up your jewellery.

Alternatively, if like me, you need a bit of inspiration before you can even begin to put a look together, you can use their "style guide" to pick a theme and build your outfit around your accessories!! This season I'm loving the "Winter Tropic" pieces on their site.

Ok, so they have a nice website but is their stuff any good??
I got a chance to try out some of the products from their online store and not only did they arrive promptly, they were wrapped beautifully in Bees gift boxes and each item was as pretty in person as it looked on the website.

No matter how nice a website is, or how amazing their products are, for most people the main factor when it comes to making a purchase decision is the cost! I found the prices at Bees to be really reasonable, with a lot of items being available for under £10 each and the more elaborate necklace and earring sets going up to £85 (like the emerald coloured set below)

Are you a fan of Bees? I think I'm definitely going to be visiting their site again for some online retail therapy! Join their fanpage on facebook!

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